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Complex has become mustsee Monday

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Complex has become mustsee Monday 
By earjerseyqq104 on Oct 28, 2013 03:29 AM
Andra Fuller

Complex has become mustsee Monday night television ever since the Canadian series made its stateside debut. One obvious reason: The ample servings of beefcake and the scorching samesex love scenes featuring actor Andra Fuller.

The Torontobased series has also attracted a cult following among Black gay and bisexual men because of its delicious narrative and characters. Black Enterprise chats up Andra Fuller who portrays the "volatile gangsta rapper Kaldrick King. who also happens to be gay [and] closeted. . Fuller had no trepidations about taking the part, but those around him were leery about his decision."

"When I accepted this role and what it entailed, my family and friends were like, 'Why do you want to play a gay dude?' They also wanted to know why every time a Black man is shown on TV as gay; he has to be on the down low. But they didn't look at the ramification: I'm playing a very successful down low rapper on a network television show. That's never happened before."

Fuller's impeccable performance is buoyed by sharp writing [and] navigates it all from suicide attempts to intense love scenes with incredible ease. "As an actor, you don't run away from a role because it doesn't coexist with your personal lifestyle," he explains. "If I take a role as a mass murderer, I don't think I would ever have the gall to kill someone in my real life. But I'm not going to run away from it because I don't believe in murder."

Very refreshing to hear a Black actor embrace a multidimensional gay character with such intensity . and will not shy away from the sexual component. .

Television depictions of the LGBT community remain overwhelmingly white, according to a recent report by GLAAD. Complex and America's Next Top Model.

"The gay and lesbian community has been supersupportive and appreciative of what I've been putting into Kaldrick," Fuller told Black Nike Roman Harper Jersey Enterprise.

"It's definitely an honor to be chosen to play this character in this

storyline. Complex will air tonight and Mondays at 8P through October 1. Very much looking forward to tonight's episode after last week's scorcher with the legal fierceness. Kaldrick has met his match. Yasss.

Watch a video clip from last week's hotness AFTER THE JUMP . Complex is a new Canadian television miniseries that follows a number of residents of a Los Angeles apartment complex that are trying to break into the entertainment industry. Two of the main characters are Black men. And very surprisingly both were introduced as gay/"down low" in the second episode.

Hiphop producer Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson) is seen kissing his gangsta rapper client King (Andra Fuller). The scene has caused a huge buzz in Canada, where it may be the first time a "DL" relationship and kiss was seen on television. Watson talks about the scene and the role with Canada's Huffington Post.

What was it like filming that scene?

It was nervewracking because Andra and I knew it was coming, and it was one of the last scenes of Roman Harper Jersey the day. Plus there are so many people around Roman Harper Black Jersey us! We had two choices we could run away and hide or jump right in and fulfill www.nflofficialsaints.com the needs of these characters. So we jumped right in!

Offhand, I can't even think of an openly gay man in the rap or hiphop worlds, so in that sense your characters are pretty groundbreaking.

It's controversial and it's amazing at the same time. There have already been a lot of comments on the 'net, and a lot of people are already turned off by it because it's not done in the hiphop world by two black Roman Harper Jersey Ebay guys. It's just not done. I feel a lot of pressure good pressure and bad pressure. It's www.nflofficialsaints.com/Black+Roman+Harper+Jersey a story that has to be told and has to be told right. I can't think about the negative part, I just have to fulfill the story of Tariq.

Watson says the DL storyline will continue throughout the series. "We're not the type of show that's going to be like, 'Cool, we're going to tell the hiphop world that it's time to come out!' and all of that stuff. It's going to be true to life, so it has to be a relationship on the DL."

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