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In fact, people who  
By jayscut5 on Oct 25, 2013 02:39 AM
Comments on Shifting sands of retail Abilene Reporter

I also swam jumped on the trampoline at the Sunfish or Starfish on north pioneer. My first job was at the zoo back when there was an amusement park across the way complete with super slide before the "beach." How about the little train you could ride all around the zoo property?

Back before Redbud park, you could go from Willis to Buffalo Gap on a dirt road called Curry lane on the other side of the freeway on Curry was a "haunted house."

I think I swam in every pool in Abilene. We even paid .50 or so to swim in the pool at the motels on South 1st. I remember the summer "This Guy's in Love" was playing on the tinny speakers at the VFW pool (N. 1st and Kirkwood), the blinding chlorine at the YMCA, getting invited to the Abilene Swim Club on Ruidosa, the Country Club out south of town, the Seahorse its groundlevel trampoline, and the icecold pool at Abilene State Park in Buffalo Gap. I mean hypothermiacold, right in the middle of summer. The beach pool by the zoo riding the doubledecker zoo bus.

My mother played http://www.falconsofficialproshop.com/Black+Sean+Weatherspoon+Jersey volleyball on a women's league at Fair Park. She saw Elvis at the auditorium in the 50's, too. I don't remember a swimming pool there, only a wading pool and Kiddie Land and the monkey house.

My dad was a policeman, so he would get us into shows. He guarded Elvis in the 70's, but I didn't see that show. I liked the Ice Capades the best. I got to meet Doc Severinson in the dressing room at the coliseum.

My first and only ride in a helicopter was when the Gibson's opened on Barrow.

My house was at 23rd and Vine and from there I rode my bike to the Sav A Sean Weatherspoon Black Jersey Minit, Preston's Milk Store (where the Dyess FCU is now), and as far away as Burro Alley. The "Spot" was across from JJH, wasn't it? We bought candy there.

The horses from Hendrick's Home for Children would come up to our dead end fence and eat the peaches off our neighbor's tree.

Mother said Ms. Annie (?) at the Metro ran that place like a hawk. If a man came in alone and tried to sit down right next to a kid, she would make him move. (!!) One night I was the last kid to be picked up, and she waited until my mom came to close up.

We stayed out till after 10 o'clock in the summer I know because the news was on. Never checked in with our parents. We'd sit out in the yard and watch the street sweepers go by. No fire ants just the occasional red ant beds.

Going to sleep in the back seat of our car while my folks watched both movies at the drive in. Crunching gravel to and from the snack bar.

Thursday afternoon games at Rose Park go Coyotes PEP RALLIES every Thursday afternoon. In Junior High! Every Friday in high school they don't do that at my daughter's school :(

McMurry remember the field trips to Indian Village UGH roasting rabbit smell at homecoming when we got paper headbands with the colored feathers?

Best http://www.falconsofficialproshop.com hamburgers: Sands bowling alley, Mr. G's

Best shrimp EVER: Jamaica Inn with their yeast rolls

Thanks for all the memories listed above. Compared the the childhood my girls have, we were VERY lucky kids. I live in the Dallas area now, and my folks are buried at Elmwood West. We rarely stop there on our way to and from my inlaw's in Snyder. Maybe next time, we will take the time to poke around good old Abilene town.

I just happened to find this post because of something that stays on my mind after 19 years. We lived in Abilene from 19751989, before being transfered with my husband's job. I've since wondered what happened to the girl who was hit by a car and her parents were saving her Chrismas presents hoping she would wake from a coma. I think it happened on S14th in the late 80's. Also what about the clerk who was killed at the convenience store, I think it was in the Brookhollow shopping center close to the old WalMart. When we moved away, neither had a conclusion and I've never been able to find out. Also, what about the young man, I think his name was Michael, who just disappeared from his home after going out to talk to someone in a car. I think he was about 18. All of these happened in the 80's. Thank you if you can put my mind to rest about these poor souls.

What memories you guys have. What I remember are the TV and radio stations. Yes, I remember Dave Dalzell, Mike Faulkner, Gary Drake, Bill Bourland and Curtis Stone on KRBC radio. Micheal Henry Martin, Gary Penn, Dave Martin, John Blackwell, Andy Dart, Jim Carter and Michael Tubbs were the ones I remember at KNIT. KNIT had an FM station where John Blackwell played killer rock and roll. I think he went on to KEAN when it started in the late '70's. I seem to remember David Perry playing the first FM rock on Friday nights on KFMN. Larry Fitzgerald and Bill Chaney were on KRBC TV. KTXS was KPAR. Were any of you ever on Bid 'N Buy on channel 9? You had to save your Gandy's milk carton tops to win. I remember Bud's Duds by McMurry, but do you remember what was next door? It was Tom's Levi's. Yes, there was a shallow swimming pool at Fair Park, and the ZZ Top show at Abilene High was 50 cents. The best rock and roll you could ask for came through town at the colesium on a regular basis. What ever happened to it? Jerry Tate was THE motorcycle cop. Sitchler, now back to your announcer. I could hear the loins roaring at night from the zoo in Fair Park. Everyone slept with the windows open at night in those days. I remember EVERYTHING being closed after 10 at night. After that, it was a ghost town. The Elmwood drivein at 14th and Willis was far enough out of town and dark enough that the city lights didn't bother the movies on the screen. The Metro was a hoot. And the Queen and Majestic. There were skinflicks at the Cresent and the Park driveins The Blue Sock's games were exciting as well as the Arcadia roller rink across the street on the corner of 14th and Matador where Taco Bell is now. Do you remember that the Cinema's in Westgate allowed smoking during the movies? There were exhaust fans Nike Sean Weatherspoon Jersey in the wall that drew out the smoke. Abilene will never have anything like Mack's again. People can't imagine what it was like on Friday and Saturday nights. And I miss Chickenon theRun. In fact, people who wern't here can't imagine what Abilene was like back then. We thought we were so ready to get out of this place. Now, we know it wasn't so bad after all. Thanks to everybody for sharing.

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