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Baseball Joxygen 
By jerseys120 on Oct 24, 2013 03:41 AM
Baseball Joxygen

Pitching, Pitching, and more Pitching. What an opening round for baseball. This season is the so called of the Pitcher and for the most part that claim held strong for the first round of games this post season. Roy Halladay first playoff start of his career obviously sticks out right away and will be rememberd the most when looking back to this season 50 years from now. The Doc threw just the second ever post season no hitter in his first playoff action. INCREDIBLE! If that was not impressive enough Tim Lincecum followed that performance up with a 14 K complete game shut out vs the Bravos to remind everyone that he is truly a freak and one of the best pitchers in baseball.

While these two aces were http://www.officialbuccaneersfootball.com/Black+Mike+Williams+Jersey doing work in the NL, Cliff Lee was dominating with this 4th team in less than two years. Bill Simmons always says that he has a hard time calling a guy a true great if he gets traded so much, but this has got to be the exception. Cliff Lee had two amazing performances against the AL East champion Rays and was the teams most valuable player in the 5 games series. Lee is now up there with Sandy Koufax for best playoff pitchers of all time. (Kinda off topic, I love how Adam Sandler name in the great movie Daddy is Sonny Koufax, gotta be someones favorite baseball player that worked on that movie.) By the end of these playoffs Lee could put himself in position to be considered the best SP of all time in post season play.

Not to be out done by his teammate Cliff Lee, CJ Wilson followed Lee game one start with as impressive of a game two start. CJ went 6.1 innings allowing just 2 hits no runs and 7 Ks. More pitching was being Mike Williams Black Jersey done over on the NL side of things as the number two in Philly, Cole Hamels, did his thing with 9 shut out innings for the win to go along with 9 Ks and just 5 hits allowed. San Frans third man in the rotation, Jonathan Sanchez, went just over 7 innings with 11 Ks and 1 earned vs Atlanta.

Should be MVP Josh Hamilton probably felt a little left out when the Rangers celebrated clinching the division in the regular season when he was standing out side of the club house as his teammates enjoyed a champagne shower. Hamilton has had a well documented struggle with drugs and alcohol to the point that he wanted no where near the stuff. When it came to http://www.officialbuccaneersfootball.com winning the first round of the playoffs, Texas was prepared toaccommodatetheir All star slugger. Hamilton was drenched with Ginger Ale this time around.

The Giants vs Braves and the Rays vs Rangers series were the two mostenjoyableseries to watch as the other two were sweeps. The Reds looked like a team thathadn in the playoffs in a looooong time against the Phillies, while theTwinslooked like a team thats from coldMinnesotaand not money filled New York.

There was not any huge offensive performances by any player on any team. The Rangers showed every kid with a glove under their mattress right now how it is important to be a good and heads upbase runner. With out quality base running by Texas, the Rays might win that game 10.

Replay stock his very high right now while the naked eye is plunging. Just off the top of my head with just a couple seconds of thought I can name a couple bad calls orat leastquestionable calls that would have been perfect for instant replay use. Utley getting by an Aroldis Chapman 102 mph fastball. I don care how tough you are, if you get hit in the hand by a pitch over 100 mph you atleast shake it once and or take off your batting glove for examination. Another instance was Utley break up slide into second and being called safe. Michael Young check swing called a no swing with 2 strikes on him. Jason Bartlett stuck in a pickle between third and home and Michael Young phantom tag on him before he scored. David Price covering first on a grounder to first base.

Jason Heywarddisappointedin his playoff debut with just 2 hits in 16 at bats and 8 strikeouts. Probably Rookie of the Year winner Buster Posey shined in his debut with 6 hits in 16 at bats and solid work behind the plate. TheYankees were business as usual vs the Twins. New Stadiums, same story as the Yanks swept the Twinkies away in three games. No flash, not glitz, noglamor. They just got the job done. The Cubs Suck and Marlon Bryd Sucks! Well those were not the exact words or thoughts of All Star first baseman Joey Votto on Mike Williams Jersey Ebay Tuesday night, but they might as well have been. In a world of Red Sox (Ortiz) receiving Home Run Derby pitching from a Yankee and Dodgers smiling and highfiving with Giants, it is refreshing to see a guy who knows his rivals and acts like it.

Marlon Byrd made a possible game saving play throwing out Big Papi at second base for the second out of the 9th inning. He deserved all the credit in the world and got it from just about every one on the team. Here is what NL teammate Joey Votto had to say about the stinkin Cubbie making such a good play. I not going to pat anybody with a Cubs uniform on the back. But because he made that really cool play, it turned out to be a really cool experience. I really glad we got the win today. was obviously glad to see his rival make such a play but thatdoesn hes gotta show him some love. With permission I am illustrating any sports related Tweet from the many great twitter accounts I am following. Or maybe I will search out tweets that deserve an illustration.

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