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Baghdad Market Bombs Kill At Least 8

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Baghdad Market Bombs Kill At Least 8 
By jerseys120 on Oct 24, 2013 03:41 AM
Baghdad Market Bombs Kill At Least 8

BAGHDAD Three bombs ripped through a sprawling Baghdad market Sunday, killing eight people at the beginning of a Muslim religious holiday and just hours after the prime minister warned of Iraq's continued danger.

Police said the bombs were planted http://www.officialbuccaneersfootball.com in different parts of the Shorja market Josh Freeman Jersey Ebay in downtown Baghdad, striking as shoppers were preparing for this week's Eid alAdha feast. City health officials confirmed the death toll released by the police and said 19 people were also injured.

A thick black plume of smoke from the bombs hovered over the Tigris River and could be seen against Baghdad's skyline.

Hours earlier, Prime Minister Nouri alMaliki urged his security forces to http://www.officialbuccaneersfootball.com/Black+Josh+Freeman+Jersey step up their vigilance against violence. AlMaliki said continued threats show that insurgents still want to prevent Iraq from becoming a stable nation.

"You have done much for Iraq, but Iraq remains in the circle of danger," alMaliki told security officials with whom he met at the start of the holiday. "It needs more attention and care to confront those who want to damage security, who are plotting to turn this Eid, the Eid of happiness to Iraqis, into the Eid of blood."

Iraqi Shiites mark the beginning of the Eid on Monday, while Sunnis do so on Sunday.

Sunnis have accused alMaliki, who is Shiite, of cracking down on Baathists as an excuse to exert political pressure on them.

Meanwhile, a roadside bomb hit a security patrol in the northern city of Mosul, killing an Iraqi soldier, police said. Mosul is 225 miles (360 kilometers) northwest of Baghdad. moves to withdraw all of its 33,000 troops from Iraq by the end of the year.

The tide has arrived here in the USA.

For those Americans that continue to think that islam is "their" problem, or worse those that think islam is a religion, you are blind.

Technology is Nike Josh Freeman Jersey now in their hands, and it's not a matter of whether America will be destroyed, but when.

Americans that think islam is a "religion" are being desensitized.

Similar to watching an animal eat another and doing nothing.

When is America going to response accordingly??

We should have a law that requires muslims and for that matter anyone entering the USA , to denounce terrorism.

Iran has the capability of using nuclear warheads, and it will do so.

Our laws are the rope provided to them to execute us.

So we go into a foreign country and hang its leader because he supposedly killed a few hundred people in the early 1980's. 8 million dollars per death.

And now the country is in total turmoil.

It doesn't matter who is in power. They are all the same, puppets of the elite the banks and the war industry.

Saddam "gassed" the Kurds, he committed genocide on his own people. If this wasn't bad enough he invaded Kuwait and his troops ravaged that town. It was just a few hours before the Iraqi troops were going to kill the Kuwaiti King that the US intervened.

The present turmoil and deaths are the fault of the Iraqis who need to sort their own house. Not the USA. Freedom doesn't come free and after spending decades under despotism, democracy is going to need massive social change to come to terms. These are teething problems that the Iraqis have.

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