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When To Call a Professional

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When To Call a Professional  
By 520199cxl on Oct 22, 2013 03:56 AM
When To Call a Professional
Most pregnant women understand that smoking, drinking, and certain health conditions such as high blood pressure increase the risk for preterm labor, or being born early. But keeping your teeth and gums healthy also may help protect the health of your unborn baby. Just being pregnant increases the risk for gum disease because of hormonal changes. instrument dentaire
The early signs of gum disease are redness and swelling of the gingivae which also bleed easily. However, it should better be confirmed by the dentist's diagnosis.Periodontal pocket is formed (The inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth leads to the destruction of periodontal membrane. The tooth surrounding tissues and the root of the tooth become detached and a periodontal pocket is formed in between.)
And several studies have shown that gum disease increases the risk for low birth weight and preterm labor. A 2011 review in the International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare found that treating periodontal disease may lower the risk for low-birth-weight babies and preterm labor. So if you have gum disease and lampe a photopolymeriser dentaire you are pregnant, be sure to see your dentist.
Researchers continue to look for connections between diseases of the body and periodontal disease. Although certain links aren't as well established, there are some interesting developments and areas for further study.Oral health and lung disease. Studies have found an association between gum disease and certain types of pneumonia, possibly from breathing in bacteria from the mouth. In fact, several studies have found that improving oral health can decrease the risk for pneumonia in nursing home and lampe photopolymeriser woodpecker hospitalized patients. A 2008 study in Respiratory Medicine also found an association between peritonitis and COPD, which also share similar risk factors such as smoking. Oral health and osteoporosis.Gingival margin shows marked redness and swelling.Periodontal disease causes bone loss that can lead to tooth loss.
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