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Look, Ma, No Teeth Daniel Lippiner

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Look, Ma, No Teeth Daniel Lippiner 
By 520199cxl on Oct 22, 2013 03:41 AM
Look, Ma, No Teeth
Daniel Lippiner, DDS, a periodontist and halitosis specialist in Manhattan, agrees that the first step toward treating bad breath is to isolate the cause.
 "Treatment is dependent on what's found and what the reasons are," he says, "If the cause is gum disease then we treat the gum disease -- if it's caused by calcium deposits on the tonsils that are bad smelling, we can remove them from the folds of the tonsils."
 The doctor will first thoroughly clean the instrument dentaire wound with lots of saline or a hydrogen peroxide rinse. Cleaning removes bacteria as well as foreign matter such as dirt that might have entered the wound. A betadine solution will then be applied to the area to disinfect it. Puncture wounds to the lip will then be closed from the inside out. Stitching all layers reduces the chance of scarring.
 Small puncture wounds in the tongue usually heal without any treatment other than cleansing with antiseptic or hydrogen peroxide rinses. Large cuts may require stitches.
 The mouth contains many bacteria. For this reason, an antibiotic often is prescribed after a cut to the lip or tongue to prevent infection.
 Howard Glazer, DDS, past president of the lampe photopolymeriser dentaire American Academy of General Dentistry and a general dentist in Fort Lee, N.J., and New York City, agrees with Davis on the importance of mouthguards.
 "Most organizations advocate the use of mouthguards -- especially in contact sports," he tells WebMD. But they are also important in noncontact sports that people may not think have a potential for injury such as scooters and in-line skating, he says.micromoteur marathon n8
 Seek medical care if:
 Bleeding cannot be controlled with pressure and a cold compress
 You have a deep cut
 A cut crosses the border between the lip and facial skin
 The lip is punctured
 An infection develops after an injury Signs of any infection usually will be evident about four days after the injury. Signs include:
 Drainage of pus
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