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Too Much Soda Taking

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Too Much Soda Taking 
By 520199cxl on Oct 22, 2013 03:30 AM
Too Much Soda Taking Its Toll on Kids' Teeth
 Sodas are a thirst-quencher and a caffeine kick. But they're also ruining kids' teeth, say many experts. Kids are drinking the stuff from morning to night -- all through the school day. The result is a prevalence of cavities that dentists have not seen since pre-fluoride days.
 "Not only are all these sodas causing tooth decay, but they are also putting kids at risk for obesity, diabetes, hyperactivity," says William Chase, DDS, a dentist for the past 30 years in Adrian, Mich., and spokesman for the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD).
 Chances are, you have had a tooth cavity that needed to be filled. It's a pretty common occurrence. But how often have you have stopped to wonder what those fillings contain -- and intruments dentaireswhat you carry around in your mouth for decades?
 Your pizza arrives, you're hungry and it smells so good. You take out that first piece, dripping with cheese, take a big bite and burn the roof of your mouth. Now you have pizza palate.
 According to the American Dental Association, or ADA, up to 76% of dentists use silver fillings containing mercury when filling a tooth. Although the substance used for silver fillings, known as amalgam, has been in use for more than 100 years, the fillings are controversial because of claims that exposure to the micro moteur marathon n7 vapor from the mercury can cause a variety of health problems ranging from joint pain to multiple sclerosis.
If you need another reason to give up smoking, consider the dental health of your children. That's what researchers from the University of Rochester hope parents will do as a result of their new study which finds that children exposed to second-hand smoke are more likely to develop cavities.
 Other hot foods and liquids also can burn the micro moteur marathon n8 roof (palate) of your mouth. These types of burns have come to be called "pizza palate" because they are most commonly caused by pizza.
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