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Decay-induced break teeth Broken cusp

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Decay-induced break teeth Broken cusp  
By 520199cxl on Oct 18, 2013 06:20 AM
Decay-induced break teeth
Broken cusp These breaks affect the pointed chewing surfaces (the cusps) of the teeth. They usually do not affect the pulp and are unlikely to cause much pain. Your dentist may repair the damage to restore the tooth's shape. Frequently, however, an onlay or crown will be required.
Serious breaks These breaks go deep enough to expose the nerve. They almost always cause the tooth to hurt and be sensitive. Usually, the broken part of the tooth will bleed. You will need root canal treatment to remove the exposed nerve and intruments dentaires probably a crown to restore the tooth to normal function so you can eat and chew properly.
Bogged down by bad breath? Using a tongue-scraping device might be a better solution than brushing the tongue with a toothbrush.Researchers recently reviewed two studies that pitted tongue scrapers against toothbrushes in curbing bad breath.The results, published in The Cochrane Library, state that "tongue scrapers or cleaners are slightly more effective than toothbrushes as a means of controlling halitosis (bad breath) in adults."However, the evidence was "weak and unreliable" and relief from bad breath "appeared to be very short lived," write the review's authors. They included Trent Outhouse, DDS, MS, ABGD, a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy's Dental Corps serving in Bahrain.joypex 5
Split tooth This means that the tooth has split vertically into two separate parts. Some teeth, such as your back teeth (molars), have more than one root. It may be possible to keep one of the roots, which will then be covered with a crown. First, you will need root canal treatment. Second, the dentist will remove any roots that cannot be kept. Third, you will need a crown to cover the root and replace the tooth. In some cases, when a root cannot be saved, the tooth will have to be removed. nettoyeur ultrason
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