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NYS Marriage Vote at Fundraiser

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NYS Marriage Vote at Fundraiser 
By bbbd345ree6 on Oct 18, 2013 06:08 AM

President Barack Obama's socalled "evolving" position on marriage equality Authentic Luke Joeckel Jersey is headed for a road Luke Joeckel Black Jersey test at tonight's fundraiser for LGBT donors at the New York Sheraton. The White House has confirmed the President will reference marriage equality, reports the AP.

[T]he president [does] not plan to announce a new stance on gay marriage, said spokesman Jay Carney. But Carney said Obama did plan to address the developments in Albany, which could make New York the sixth and largest state to legalize samesex marriage a momentous development for the president's Thursday night audience of gay and gayfriendly supporters.

"He will mention it and I think make the point as he always has that he believes that this is something that states should be able to decide," Carney told reporters traveling with Obama to New York Thursday aboard Air Force One. "He's not going to make any new declarations of position," Carney said.

Read the transcript at the Blade .

Tonight's Jaguars Luke Joeckel Jersey fundraiser will be hosted by actor Neil Patrick Harris. It is one of three the president will attend in New York City tonight and "as many as 600 guests paying up to $35,800 each" are expected.

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