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Mouth Guards and Maintenance

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Mouth Guards and Maintenance 
By 520199cxl on Oct 17, 2013 03:54 AM
Mouth Guards and Maintenance
Your dentist should make sure that your mouth guard does not have sharp edges because it could irritate or damage the gum tissue or cheeks. After wearing your mouth guard, check it for damage. If your mouth guard is damaged, replace it so it doesn't irritate the gum tissue. Your mouth guard will last longer if you properly care for it.materiel dentaire
 Your dentist will give you some local anesthetic and clean the area. Then, if the tooth is intact and there is no sign of severe periodontal disease in the bone around it, the dentist will guide the tooth back into the socket. An X-ray may be taken to ensure there is no root fracture.
 The tooth needs to be secured in its original position by connecting it to the healthy teeth on either side. There are three ways to do this:lampe a polymeriser dentaire
 Using a wire and bonding it with a composite resin material along the length of the wire
Bonding an orthodontic bracket to each tooth and then connecting these brackets (braces) with a wire
 Using a synthetic cloth or metal mesh and bonding it to the back of the teeth involved
These materials will be left on for 7 to 10 days while the tooth heals in the socket.
 "On the positive side, if you let them eat it all at once, they'll get rid of it," says Jim Steiner, DDS, a dentist who practices at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital in Ohio. "Nutritionists would hit me over the head for saying so, but from the dentist's perspective it's best to get it all over at once, so the kids don't get endless exposure to acid-forming bacteria."
 And Steiner is right. Dietitians are never in favor of parents aiding and abetting a major binge, even if it is a holiday.lampe à photopolymériser
 "I don't want to come across as a stick-in-the-mud," says Maureen Kilfoil, RD, LD, a dietitian who, like Steiner, works at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. "It's a fun holiday and kids should be able to enjoy it. But parents need to curb kids' tendencies to overdo it. Parents need to be parents and set the rules. Let them have their treats, but put some limits on their consumption.".
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