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Collect the entire line of Air Jordan shoes that

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Collect the entire line of Air Jordan shoes that  
By earjerseyqq102 on Oct 16, 2013 07:36 AM
2010 August TC Dojo

Collect the entire line of Air Jordan shoes that MJ wore throughout his career and gain specific attribute bonuses when you have them equipped.

As I mentioned earlier I am attempting to come up with a rankings system where I can just Authentic Brandon Flowers Jersey get numbers and www.nikekansascitychiefsstore.com/Authentic-Brandon-Flowers-Jersey not have to keep up with every game that we play. Clearly when Reach is released we are going to play entirely too Brandon Flowers Youth Jersey many games for me to try to keep records.

So basically I take 4 categories and give them equal value. The max FRS value you can have is 1 (As you can see, King Meech broke the system) The reason for that is his extremely high Kill Death Ratio. Also the poll number you see is just a poll based on where I think everyone is. Ideally I would poll each member of the Dojo every month to get that value.

I wish I could take Chiefs Brandon Flowers Jersey custom games into account more but there simply isn much data about them. Also we play a lot of games so it would be hard to gauge customs anyway.

So what do you think? How do these rankings fall in line with where you think people are? Would I would like to see happen is that when we play our 2 vs. 2 customs, the teams are based on these rankings. 1 and 4 play against 2 and 3. So if me, Los, 30, and Ticket are playing, the team would be Los and Ticket vs. me and 30. Just a thought. I think it would be tight if we could have a dojo armor set that we all wear, but considering we can agree on ANYTHING, I know it a long shot. So what your favorite helmet?

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