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he panel here think 
By jayscut2 on Oct 16, 2013 03:04 AM
<P>Booker in district courts</P>
<P>Because the Eighth Circuit has a wellearned reputation for being pretty tough on criminal defendants in sentencing appeals <a title="Jimmy Graham Youth Jersey" href="http://www.neworleanssaintsofficialstore.com/Authentic-Jimmy-Graham-Jersey" target=_blank>Jimmy Graham Youth Jersey</a> in the postBooker era, I find especially notable its nuanced ruling today in US v. Cole, No. 111232 (8th Cir. Aug. 8, 2013) (available <a title="Authentic Jimmy Graham Jersey" href="http://www.neworleanssaintsofficialstore.com/Authentic-Jimmy-Graham-Jersey" target=_blank>Authentic Jimmy Graham Jersey</a> here). 371. The mail andwire fraud conspiracy conviction stems from her company's theft of nearly $33million from Best Buy over a fouryear period. The tax fraud conspiracy and taxevasion convictions stem from understating tax liability by more than $3 millionbetween 2004 and 2007 <a title="Women's Jimmy Graham Jersey" href="http://www.neworleanssaintsofficialstore.com/Authentic-Jimmy-Graham-Jersey" target=_blank>Women's Jimmy Graham Jersey</a> by using various schemes to conceal her company's trueprofitability. Cole's advisory Guideline range was 135 to 168 months imprisonment,but the district court varied downward and sentenced her to three years probation oneach count, with all terms to be served concurrently. The government appeals Cole'sher convictions. We affirm Cole's convictions but remand her case to the <a title="Jimmy Graham Black Jersey" href="http://www.neworleanssaintsofficialstore.com/Authentic-Jimmy-Graham-Jersey" target=_blank>Jimmy Graham Black Jersey</a> districtcourt to provide a fuller explanation of her sentence.Coconspirators much more responsible than Cole for the big fraud here got lengthy sentences (15 and 7.5 years), which seems to help explain why the district court decided to give this defendant such a big break. And, as this final key paragraph of the <a title="Jimmy Graham Jersey White" href="http://www.neworleanssaintsofficialstore.com/Authentic-Jimmy-Graham-Jersey" target=_blank>Jimmy Graham Jersey White</a> sentencing discussion reveals, the panel here thinks such a big downward variance could be justified, but needs to be more fully explained:</P><BR>The topic the article<BR><a title=http://blog.maycontainnuts.com/blog.php?blog_entry_id=38778&acknowledgement=blog_entry_inserted href="http://blog.maycontainnuts.com/blog.php?blog_entry_id=38778&acknowledgement=blog_entry_inserted" target=_blank>http://blog.maycontainnuts.com/blog.php?blog_entry_id=38778&acknowledgement=blog_entry_inserted</a><BR><a title=http://www.blendedcrossroads.com/member/blog_post_view.php?postId=56685 href="http://www.blendedcrossroads.com/member/blog_post_view.php?postId=56685" target=_blank>http://www.blendedcrossroads.com/member/blog_post_view.php?postId=56685</a><BR><a title=http://forum.0-00.biz/topic/ut-twice-the-rate-o?replies=1#post-330084 href="http://forum.0-00.biz/topic/ut-twice-the-rate-o?replies=1#post-330084" target=_blank>http://forum.0-00.biz/topic/ut-twice-the-rate-o?replies=1#post-330084</a>
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