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a lower risk for dental caries is false

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a lower risk for dental caries is false 
By Sorah on Sep 22, 2013 06:39 AM
The theory, according to some, was that snuff users were at a lower risk for developing dental caries. But there was never really anything to back that up. And now a study proves that the notion of snuff users being at a lower risk for dental caries is false. The Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden conducted a study that indicated the carbohydrates and starch present in snuff actually increase the risk of developing cavities.
The study also concluded that single men were more likely to use tobacco than married men. There was no correlation with regards to education level or income.
Other dentists would argue that in instances when dental floss doesnít work, it may be an issue with the person utilizing the floss buy dental instrument. The person may not be doing so correctly, making the flossing process useless. What separates this test from previous tests that could be considered similar is that there is nothing subjective involved with this one.
The study also shows that the snuff users werenít at an increased risk for developing cavities, either. Still, snuff users need to be more careful about their dental health than people who donít use stuff for all of the obvious reasons ultrasonic cleaner. In fact, nicotine-free snuff may be even worse than nicotine-containing snuff because of the increased starch (26 percent) and increased carbohydrates dentalget916 (6.5 percent) in that form. Also, previous tests havenít had much of an impact on curbing survival rates of oral cancer.
The results from the study only included information from the snuff products studied. That doesnít necessarily mean the information about all snuff products is the same digital ultrasonic cleaner. The study also showed that tobacco use has decreased during the last two decades. Conversely, the number of snuff users has risen during the same time frame.
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Re: a lower risk for dental caries is false 
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