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Beyonce short hairstyles

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Beyonce short hairstyles 
By acantha on Sep 17, 2013 06:18 AM
Beyonce short hairstyles

Beyonce was tired of her controversial short hairstyles , long blonde keep a look Thursday afternoon lunch in Miami with her husband, Jay-Z and their daughter Blue Ivy .

The 31- year-old singer showed off a new look last week sharply through Instagram, chopping off into a daring short " do her long lacewigsbuy hair. This change is in a few weeks , Beyonce electric fan at the concert in Montreal stuck in her hair.

Three photos, Beyonce could see her new hairstyle, and in the dressing room mirror . Her hair stylist, Li Taha cedar time, saying : "Her hair is long and went back to her and she has been thinking about for some time, she wanted to go for it , and put it, this is a moment, her . "

While hundreds of fans instantly liked short hair , the reaction mixed overall , and some even questioned if Beyonce really cut her hair full lace wigs uk, or sports wig. One reviewer wrote: " as good as it looks , I can not imagine that it is a real cut ." Most people said that the singer looked gorgeous as usual, and finally expose others praised her look shorter .

"Yeah ! Bey short hair ! " Wrote another . Of course, there are those who does not like to read, write comments , such as " noo : ( ", " I hate her hair short and not very pretty ." Some people say that although they feel that this is not her best look she is still gorgeous . " I still Aibiangsi ...... even with that hideous hair, her hottieeee an amazing voiceee [ original ] ! " one Twitter user said.

But now it seems , Beyonce has been changed heart, wearing a tilted BOB , while in Miami with her family .

But here is my problem : it is a brilliant doing knitting , or is an amazing wig ? Seriously, it looks so natural , so wonderful, I can not figure out how she did. New York cut the MAG as confused as we are writing, her debut after her Bob , "The Internet is what we even doing this ? What is the real yet ? Again , no one can decide whether she was wearing a beyonce lace wigs or a weave or extensions , or some combination of the three in the end of the day , we will never really know what is part of Tony 's hair is real and what is not ... "
See these photos. What do you think ? A weave or a wig ?
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