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Good hair comb promote good

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Good hair comb promote good 
By acantha on Sep 12, 2013 02:42 AM
Good hair comb promote good

Poor blood circulation can cause a variety of scalp problems . Sterling silver comb , daily use of five minutes , you can clear the scalp horny old waste accumulation , reduce heat scalp , so that you feel refreshed. Horn comb regulate oil secretion excessive secretion of the cortex if the scalp can clog the pores , causing skin inflammation. Made of rhinoceros horn comb can absorb a certain extent, scalp sebum , stick with for some time, no excessive secretion of scalp oils . 2-3 times a day combs , each comb 50 to 100 under appropriate.

Mitigation of natural bristle comb alopecia in the West , people discovered much earlier , with the bristles comb made of treatable hair loss. Although the initial use will be a slight sense of pain scalp , over time, you'll love this stimulation brings enjoyment. Bristle comb hair loss can delay the speed , use care not to use on wet hair lacewigsbuy, otherwise it will reduce the life of the comb . Even babies are applicable horsehair mane comb hair comb particularly soft , with such a comb to the baby hair, baby scalp can accelerate blood circulation and help the healthy development of the brain . Before use, the baby's scalp smear special massage oils, massage and then comb with a minor , can massage the effect is doubled .

Wide-toothed comb to help the scalp to do SPA busy work so that the blood circulation of the scalp becomes poor , resulting in glueless lace wigs hair loss and other problems . If you do not have time to do a special scalp SPA, available this wide-toothed comb to do five minutes of the scalp daily combing for a month, will reach professional scalp SPA same effect. Li comb for Sensitive Scalp is a chestnut wood can promote blood circulation, so that the hair root healthy resilient wood. If your hair root valuables, glueless lace wigs uk hair is very easy to fall off , in this case , the choice of Li comb to care for the scalp. Comb 20-30 times a day , can strengthen hair roots, prevent hair loss. If the shampoo with some therapeutic shampoo used together , allowing shampoo double effect .

Combs relieve dry scalp and dry hair, do not wash your hair a few days there is not much oil secretion , but itch, dandruff , scalp such as dry scalp . Only a certain amount of secretion of scalp oils , will make hair smooth and shiny , whereas only be bleak. Boxwood has the effect of increasing the hair moisture , long-term use can promote the secretion of scalp oils , dry scalp is preferred .

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Re: Good hair comb promote good 
By mkmalls35 on Sep 12, 2013 11:36 AM
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