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Wet hair is easier to damage

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Wet hair is easier to damage 
By acantha on Sep 12, 2013 02:33 AM
Wet hair is easier to damage

Errors: wet hair with a comb just finished still knotted hair do not comb , etc. dries, then wide tooth comb gently comb through . Wet hair is more likely to break and easier to damage, so remember to do the hair semi-dry my hair before hastily opened . Error two: her hair too frequently from New York stylist Harry Josh told us: "The dry hair are usually 4-5 days wash your hair with shampoo and oily hair requires daily cleaning ." We are more I suggest you try the dry shampoo product instead of daily. If you just bangs Yi greasy , then bangs on the use of dry-cleaning spray or bath to a shower cap to cover all the hair lacewigsbuy, the only wash bangs enough.

Error three: If using too much conditioner shampoo conditioner did not run out of run out in advance , it may be every time you use too much conditioner . Correct usage is that each coin size , the more so with glueless lace front wigs hair conditioner hair more easily contaminated with dust, then her hair needs more shampoo ( shampoo led to a vicious cycle ) . Central in the hair and hair with conditioner and let your scalp secrete natural oils to maintain a healthy , occasionally bristle brush comb can help secrete this beneficial fats .

Error four: a hair dryer to dry wet hair is completely dry completely bring great harm to hair , you can use a dry towel bound up her hair blown 80% dry , and then continue to wait for natural hair makeup or clothes to dry , and then then a hair dryer styling. Error five: hairdressing tool temperature is too high at least once every three days with a hair dryer to shape, so let the hair get enough rest . If I had hair tool, whether it is a glueless lace wigs human hair hair dryer or curling iron , it is recommended that the temperature adjusted to mid-range . If your tool has temperature display, remember not higher than 210 degrees .

In the hair salon , most perm temperatures at 230 degrees or more, unless it is otherwise not straightened so high temperatures. In the hair before styling insulation products to protect the hair , then hair tools hair piece for each partition on top , or pull or volume are controlled within 2 - 3 times less. This can effectively reduce hair damage, but also making the shape last longer . Error six: often scratching fingernails Gehry dirt and grease, so unconscious scratching the scalp and hair will make them dirty. Remember your hair when you wash your hands , then remember to do the old hands on the possession of hair .

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Re: Wet hair is easier to damage 
By mkmalls35 on Sep 12, 2013 11:36 AM
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