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Conditioner after transfection efficacy

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Conditioner after transfection efficacy 
By acantha on Sep 12, 2013 02:27 AM
Conditioner after transfection efficacy

Conditioner after transfection efficacy: Most people just dyed hair, at home continue to use 2 in 1 shampoo or use of non-targeted shampoo and hair conditioner, so the color will fade quickly . Although it is a normal phenomenon faded colors , but due to the general shampoo opens the hair wigsbuy lace wigs cuticle great extent , a strong cleaning power , so every shampoo will take away a lot of pigment , generally conditioner can only maintain its surface , rather than will protect its pigment. Professional after transfection shampoo and conditioner to stabilize the pigment particles , making it easy to quickly drain.

Mentioned points: In addition hairdryer heat will accelerate the pigment off , so we must remember before the hair with conditioner , apply some hair products to maintain the pigment in the hair core to stabilize . Perm conditioner effect: and hair like the hair burns if not often care becomes rough, loose curl , so here we recommend after shampooing , should the proper use of specialized conditioner. Mentioned points: Use hot water after special shampoo , with its fixed Curl Curl conditioner that last longer , shinier hair .

And, after wiping the hair tyra banks wigs, hair styling before painting the curly hair rinse conditioner , making hair more moisturizing . Hairdressing standards are moist. If the hair is not a moist feeling , not only did not speak of beauty , but also explain the hair may be subject to varying degrees of injury, damage can come from many aspects: eolian erosion , combing damage, UV damage , thermal damage and even chemical damage . These internal and external reasons, resulting in brittle cuticles protect the glueless lace front wigs hair inside , the formation damage. Yun Liang once again let hair countermeasures require careful study .

TIPS: Use Conditioner Tips 1 . Conditioner should be applied to the hair in the middle or hair , rather than close to the scalp and hair roots. 2 full combing the hair with a comb to make a smooth conditioner evenly distributed. 3 If it is a momentary-type hair conditioner, then use before dry with a towel after washing the hair of water, too much water in the hair , the hair conditioner can not be effectively absorbed.
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Re: Conditioner after transfection efficacy 
By mkmalls35 on Sep 12, 2013 11:37 AM
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