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Must first comb before shampooing

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Must first comb before shampooing 
By acantha on Sep 10, 2013 03:45 AM
Must first comb before shampooing

Third: Do you really wash your hair yet ? Before shampooing must first comb , comb tangled hair , long hair must first comb starting from the end , it will not pull the hair and cause unnecessary damage. Then washed with water to completely wet hair , then shampoo diluted with water in the palm of the hand rub foaming shampoo , do not pour shampoo directly on the scalp and the hair as a starting machine, this will stimulate the scalp. Final rinse water temperature , not too cold or too hot , the water temperature of about 40 C, close to the ideal body temperature , but remember the best type to use shower faucet , the water column too much power , it will damage the scalp . Fourth: the hair as a dumbbell bar washed hair , do not immediately hair , dab with a dry towel , wrapped , will absorb some moisture , and then the hair dryer blowing , blowing inner hair first , and then blowing the outer layer , do not open to the intense heat files , try to use low-temperature wigsbuyhair , while hair dryer at least 8cm from the scalp to the above , and suggested changing hands around , this will help exercise infrequently used inner arm muscles oh .

With beer shampoo okay ? Let's look at how beer is made , there is no damage to understand beer hair substances. Beer is the main raw material , water malt hops composed by yeast fermentation brewed full of carbon dioxide low alcohol wine. From the feedstock can be understood by the general beer fermentation of plants , and does not contain harmful substances damage the hair , therefore , can indeed be used to wash the beer .

With beer shampoo what good is it ? Beer is the main raw material of barley and hops , and hops can play a role in inhibiting fungal . After the scalp rub hops , it can directly inhibit fungal scalp , to eliminate the role of the scalp itching . And beer can promote hair growth and prevent hair dry off , make hair look natural and beautiful glueless lace wigs. Coupled with beer nutritious, containing eight kinds of amino acids, vitamins , nutrients directly into the hair inside , with the role of nutrition hair . In addition, the beer longer the residence time in the head , able to achieve the more significant effect, so the minimum residence time of the beer can not be less than 30 minutes.

Beer shampoo has so many benefits , that what should shampoo with beer , beer before they can play the ultimate role in it ? In fact, with beer shampoo is simple . First you wash your hair or by the method of hair with shampoo buy lace front wigs, but it needs to be noted that in the wash when not to use too hard to scratch , it is easy scratching their heads ; then shampoo wash clean, and then you prepared in advance of beer, the beer should be the general fermented wheat or cereals , moisturize the hair so that it can achieve the purpose . In the pot into the amount of beer, add hot water to a ratio of 1:2 dilution , followed by energy-using costumes, you can scoop out the container and pour over the hair, repeatedly , even , to make each hair to enjoy beer moisture, then massage the scalp for 30 seconds, repeat 2 times on it ; Finally, the rest of the beer drained, smear on your daily use some hair conditioner, hair care can be again .

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