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Shampoo your hair will be damaged

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Shampoo your hair will be damaged 
By acantha on Sep 10, 2013 03:38 AM
Shampoo your hair will be damaged

Tip 1: shampoo will damage your hair color with a special shampoo clean function does not protect hair color formula, so use , you can first use the high temperature hot water for at least 5 minutes to remove dirt, oil and other hair care products, and then use color protection shampoo.

Tip 2: having a fixing function of protecting the hair color product having a fixing function of protecting the hair color products, the use of protecting the color -fixing function for shampoo and hair conditioner dyed lacewigsbuy hair is a very important care . Robinson suggested trying Panting Ying Cai ProV series shampoo and conditioner.

Tip 3: You can often use hair conditioner to protect hair color best way is to use hair conditioner, hair care twice a week or a fat film can protect the hair health and color. Tip 4: Do not choose much difference with their own hair color do not choose the color of their hair color with the color that much difference , try to choose can enhance natural hair color curly full lace wigs, then it is easy to color, it can be reduced to salon number of complementary color .

Tip 5: hair color according to what you want to keep the time to pick colors according to the color you want to keep the time to pick colors . Hair color hold time is not the same, because they are not the same color molecules. Red colors fade the fastest because it smaller molecules , Robinson explained: " red colors fade the fastest molecular minimum so black it is not so easy to fade maximum ." Other colors are somewhere in between , so you according to their own hair color you want to keep the time , as a reference to select colors. Tip 6: Avoid ultraviolet radiation "Like your skin, hair color will change with exposure to sunlight ," Robinson said, "so we should pay attention to avoid ultraviolet rays ." In addition to wearing a hat , "should be treated like the same choice with skin SPF ingredients of curly full lace wigs hair care products to reduce discoloration . "Tip 7: Beware of chlorine chlorine causes " brown hair yellow copper , so that golden hair green , "Robinson said, " may try to shampoo with tap water and then hair spray some smooth agent should be immediately after swimming shampoo , do not let the chlorine in your hair on the kill . "

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