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Excessive lead to dandruff scalp bacteria

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Excessive lead to dandruff scalp bacteria 
By acantha on Sep 10, 2013 03:33 AM
Excessive lead to dandruff scalp bacteria

Skin is not spotless , the surface will be many parasitic bacteria . When these bacteria in the normal range , the skin health. Scalp , too, when the surface of certain bacteria multiply too much , there will be dandruff. On the other hand , the scalp surface protective film, protective film when this layer is damaged ( for example, poor quality shampoo, perm water accidentally touch the scalp , etc. ) , there will be dandruff. Of course, the internal factors are also important lacewigsbuy, for example , a certain period of emotional stress, busy work, then the scalp surface protective film flora and scalp anomalies also occur , causing dandruff.

Properly cleaned scalp right approach: 1, the correct cleaning the scalp : Keep hair and scalp clean , use high-quality shampoo curly wigs human hairproducts to inhibit microbial growth , but can not be stressed too much cleaning . 2 , light diet : eat something light , like vegetables, fruits , and eat less greasy foods , especially spicy hot pot to eat less. 3 , slept more laughter : no matter how busy have time to sleep , good sleep is dependent of the essence and vitality , and Manner there, people naturally refreshed. Bother , but also multi- let yourself laugh, listen to dialogues, and more with the family , more love, more than go for a walk , only a good mood , in order to have more positive emotions against negative emotions. Wrong practices : Avoid excessive scratching : Dandruff is not a clean catch , scratching the scalp , the sharp nails can scratch the scalp , causing the protective film is damaged, more prone to dandruff , and even folliculitis.

Question 3: alopecia hair loss solutions : identify the cause of hair is needed tonic + metabolism , so generally speaking off the 100 or so a day is normal, if it reaches three four hundred will draw attention . Hair loss for many reasons, we call receive many medically called alopecia areata, often associated with emotions , such as shock, tension, fear and so on. Another common hair loss is androgenetic alopecia , formerly known as seborrheic alopecia , which is genetic , job stress , emotional stress , etc. have a relationship.

Hair loss medicine usually divided into the liver and kidney , blood deficiency , Spleen wet Sheng three main types. Identify the causes of hair loss right approach: 1 , liver and kidney : the hair into a piece off, lace front human hair wigs hair dry . Often accompanied by dizziness , insomnia, five upset hot , there will be sleeping sweating, weak knees , irregular menstruation symptoms. Dietary advice : nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing hair growth . Eat : black sesame , black beans, walnuts, longan meat, gelatin, Polygonum , chestnuts, dates, wolfberry , mulberry , dog and so on. 2 , blood deficiency : sparse hair, accompanied by pale complexion, lassitude , dizziness, palpitations, insomnia , pale tongue, white coating . Dietary advice : Qi and blood , spleen and nourishing the heart . Eat : honey , dates , yams, brown sugar , lamb , chicken , pig , egg , milk , potatoes , grapes , carrots and so on. 3 , Spleen wet Sheng : Head oily sticky, Mao Faguang bright , scalp itching, accompanied by loss of appetite , abdominal distension, red tongue, thick and greasy .

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