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Female hair grows faster than men

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Female hair grows faster than men 
By acantha on Sep 10, 2013 03:20 AM
Female hair grows faster than men

Gender and Age : Female hair grows faster than men , young people than older people quickly. With increasing age , reducing the number of head of hair follicles more obvious . ( 8 ) Physical and chemical factors : perm, hair color , excessive use of hair dryer, shampoos improper selection will affect hair bodybuilding, or even large areas falling. wigsbuy Hair, the hair perm effect can cause chemical reactions on the hair keratin damage caused by structural changes . (

9 ) Other factors: the hair during the day than at night, slightly faster growth in the summer than in winter slightly faster growth , because the temperature rise, can promote metabolism , resulting in accelerated growth of the hair . X-rays can control follicle matrix sulfhydryl compound , causing temporary hair loss . For the above factors lead to hair loss , Xu Juan that in addition to the treatment applied by doctors , many factors need people in normal life through their own efforts to improve the situation. She suggested , such as hair loss and can not find obvious reasons , you should see a doctor promptly , the sooner seek appropriate treatment for hair loss with the help of the larger problem .

Expert advice : When hair transplantation can be performed according to Xu Juan chief physician , a head at the top of a lot of hair loss , but no further development, it can be hair transplant , hair transplantation is the occipital temporal alopecia hair follicles transplanted to area, so the quality of transplanted hair in the growth rate , color of glueless lace wigs , thickness, growth cycle remains of the original donor site features. Hair transplant applies to the following diseases: mainly male pattern hair loss , can also be used capitis after infection , trauma and various scars after radiotherapy alopecia , eyebrows , eyelashes , beard, pubic hair and other missing or insufficient.

Note that , it should be stable disease for surgery, hair transplantation to prevent fall off again . The following people can not be buy lace front wigshair transplant : the age of 60 years ; cardiovascular , endocrine and liver disease ; occipital temporal sparse hair , and is not to provide health , a sufficient number of transplanted hair ; coagulation abnormalities . Hair transplant postoperative care points: Gently remove the dressing after 36-48 hours , with a mild shampoo and warm water wash ; nine days after suture removal for the area ;
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Re: Female hair grows faster than men 
By ABEL01 on Sep 13, 2013 06:39 AM
It's really nice to read your article about the male and female hair. so I think You can suggest me what I should with my currely Hair. Actually I work to make new cabin homes and I always wear a helmet or cap for head safety. so please share with me a recipe to make straight.

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Re: Female hair grows faster than men 
By mkmalls39 on Sep 14, 2013 03:17 PM
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