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Shampoo with warm water

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Shampoo with warm water 
By acantha on Sep 09, 2013 12:30 PM
Shampoo with warm water

Critical moment : Most of dry frizz hair really does not look good , in fact, just painted a little disposable hair frizz products can change phenomenon . But when to use is the key, do not completely dry and then painted in the hair , because this way it is easy to paint more, that would give the hair becomes thick, increase the burden on the hair . And if the hair still dripping , you have sprayed nutritional products , dripping water will put you away with nutritional products , and thus will not have the desired effect. Therefore test down, hair Qicheng dry, disposable moisturizing spray on the most suitable products , nutritional supplements not only give the hair wigsbuy, the hair itself can lower residual moisture "pressure" into the hair inside , let the hair lasting moist .

Shampoo 1 , non-foaming shampoo your hair back may be due to insufficient wet , then dip some water and not add more shampoo, soap too many things can damage the hair root . 2 , time is running out , only part of the hair wash . For example, only wash bangs or hairline around elsewhere. 3 , if you belong to dry hair , do not wash it every day , just in the shower every other day to wet human hair wigs for black women on sale hair look, and then rinse and rinse care .
4 , shampoo with warm water . Shampoo in warm water when optimal efficacy . If the water is too hot , it will make your hair dry and itchy . If the water is too cold , it will not be the shampoo thoroughly rinse . If the hair has been washed clean again after a burst of cold water , make the hair more shiny . Dredge 1 shampoo before the first hair comb . 2 , when her hair full lace human hair wigs, do not take it all piled on top of his head , which will only increase the degree of entanglement of hair . 3, with a towel dry hair softly excess water , be careful not to rub the hair hard .

4 , after sucking up water , with wide-tooth comb hair , starting with the hair root , and then comb through the middle until the last full from root to tip comb , hand- hold on that part you are combing the hair to prevent combs Shenglayingzhuai .

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Re: Shampoo with warm water 
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