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Dandruff vicious cycle

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Dandruff vicious cycle 
By acantha on Sep 09, 2013 12:26 PM
Dandruff vicious cycle

Life, but also to avoid excessive exposure to hair. The composition of the material and hair bones, teeth , nails are the same for a long time in the sun exposure , will cause the loss of nutrients in the hair to form a dry, easy-off situation. Therefore, we need to protect the hair lacewigsbuy, avoid prolonged exposure in the sun . If forced to work long hours in the hot sun , they should wear a hat.

You are not alone . Some hairdressers say that dandruff is the most common complaint of their customers problems . Dermatologists also think everyone more or less have this problem . If you want to solve this annoying problem , please listen to the experts how to say . Do not ignore it anyway , you do not ignore dandruff or stuffing into the more grasping the more vicious cycle of itch , says Dr. Huotingsiji . This issue will be ignored dandruff over time . Results may cause itchy scalp , causing you grab scalp. Excessive grasping the scalp will hurt the scalp and make it vulnerable to infection. Often her hair experts agreed this view : Normally her hair , when necessary, to wash every day .
In general, the more often you wash hair , the scalp is more easily controlled said. Use a mild shampoo proficient constants and medicated shampoo that is not sufficient to control this problem . Dandruff often caused by excessive oil secretion of the scalp . With a mild shampoo , add an equal amount of distilled water ; can control oil secretion , and does not irritate the scalp. Hair care and shampoo , you're really doing the right thing ? Using anti- dandruff shampoo recipe if not work normally , you can use anti- dandruff formula. According to the active ingredient , anti- dandruff shampoo full lace human hair wigs There are several types of strokes , each with a different effect. Those products containing selenium sulfide fastest results , they slow down the rate of cell proliferation in the scalp .

Those products containing salicylic acid and sulfur to make dandruff relaxation, easy to wash mud . Those containing antimicrobial products can destroy the bacteria on the scalp , reducing the risk of infection . Tar-containing product that can hinder the cell growth. Use tar recipe said : dealing with difficult situations , I recommend using a main component in tar shampoo human hair wigs for black women on sale. Let this shampoo foam in the head after waiting five eleven 10 minutes , so there is the opportunity to play the tar effect. Most people will quickly flush out anti- dandruff shampoo . If you have bad taste because tar shampoo and avoiding the need , do not worry , there are now many new recipes smells good and more.
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Re: Dandruff vicious cycle 
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