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Hair stylist introduced blindly listen

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Hair stylist introduced blindly listen 
By acantha on Sep 06, 2013 04:20 AM
Hair stylist introduced blindly listen

Hairstylist brought the syrup boxes , bottles of syrup in the end inside what role do ? Listen to me slowly come : perm agent, which is often said hairstylist one , is to change the internal structure of the hair , the hair deformation ( odor pungent odor ) styling agent , that is, 2 , launched in the head and the role of modeling ( tasteless ) nutrients, some brands do not , such as silk America boxed only one and two , you need to use a separate promotion pulp, Fontaine and Bin Fang Packed with nutrients , the role is to protect the hair lacewigsbuy, the hair nutrition ( fragrance ) , you can use nutritional care agent or cream substitute .

Many MM in the perm , I blindly listen hairstylist introduction hairstylist looked groggy brought syrup, groggy painted on his head, groggy spend the money , but got an own do not like the hair curly lace wigs or let the hair severely damaged, I would let you talk about the types and characteristics of perm syrup , next time say more professional operation process, we can be used and compared the operation hairstylist , you must have sharp eyes it can find out for you whether hair stylist and assistant professional. Without further ado , talk about the topic perm perm and blanching syrup into two categories , as a lot of what the store said SPA hot , biochemical hot, hot toothpicks , Mala Tang , digital perm and the like , but is in color and the equipment used is different , the truth is nothing new things .

Let me perm it, the market leading cold hot syrup mainly Wella , L'Oreal, Taiwan, colorful sunflowers , black head ( that is, Schwarzkopf ) these imported brands , the quality did not necessarily have to say. Some of the other Korean brands also good, such as Eli De also very good, is Korea's largest salon brand a Jane Corporation out .

Other brands is not a lot to say , anyway, mostly in Guangdong OEM or domestic manufacturers , posted a comparison with western names used . Good brand of perm syrup quality assurance, and minimal damage to the hair . On the comparison between them , Wella debut longest, the highest market share , potions series of silk America ( dividends and yellow silk silk America United States ) , U.S. surplus , Baume , beautiful, Carney Ting , Bin Fang and sub-brand , which is suitable hot dyed silk America damaged hair, baume suitable for ultra resistant glueless lace front wigs hair , beautiful suitable coarse hair , Bin Fang ( said to have been discontinued ) , U.S. surplus suitable normal hair . Carney Ting fit extremely damaged hair . L'Oreal products are also very good, and the difference lies in Wella , Wella perming process requires heating , L'Oreal without heating .

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