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Several taboo shampoo

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Several taboo shampoo 
By acantha on Sep 06, 2013 04:12 AM
Several taboo shampoo

Regular cleaning of the scalp which is very important, only clear sticky dirt on the scalp , to let the scalp breathe better , thus providing more nutrients for the hair . First " exclusive" scalp for hair is very important to wash your hair before using damp comb , so attached to the scalp of dirt and dust floating on the surface , can also wash the scalp and hair. To avoid injury to the scalp , it is recommended to use a wide Chifeng , round comb . Second, " bogey " Many people just wet hair shampoo will pour on his head, everyone knows, this simply does not wash clean hair. Before wiping shampoo , first rinse your hair and scalp with warm water more than 1 minute , remove the seven or eight into the dirt. Then, pour the shampoo in the palm , add water, and then wipe the hair bubble play , so the bubble richer, thoroughly wash the hair lacewigsbuy. The third " bogey " There are many bacteria nails once delicate scalp is scratched , likely to cause infection. Wiping shampoo scalp when you use the pulp gently push both decontamination and blood .

The fourth " bogey " Because shampoo hair follicles open , conditioner coated in hair roots , where the chemical substances that can penetrate and clog hair follicles. Recommended to straighten the hair , around the ears to the hair tip along the direction of painting hair , be sure not to let conditioner touch the scalp. Fifth " bogey " Many people believe that some residual conditioner on the hair can make curly lace wigs hair more moist. In fact , the residual dust adhesion conditioner is easy to mix the scalp , clogged hair follicles, causing inflammation . Therefore, be sure to smear conditioner rinse . Sixth " bogey " when wet hair cuticle open , then the hair is very fragile , do not rub . If the hair is semi -dry state of sleep, can cause thinning of the stratum corneum , the hair becomes dry .

Seventh " bogey " hair by the face amount of ultraviolet radiation is more than twice the UV will make thinning hair cuticle , peeling, immediately wash the head out , ultraviolet easily lead to broken hair , split ends. If you go out , the best Wear a hat or umbrella UV protection . Hair care hair mask to help correct way to drink enough water hair brown hair becomes dry and easy to break , which means that the glueless lace wigs hair 's life has been threatened , which are attributed to weekdays " tricking " inadequate , leading to malnutrition, coupled with the hair tissue is damaged, the hair of moisture and protein loss , to make it immediately back to life , of course, immediately " fertilization " , added nutrients. Do as baking oil hair mask and mask to do the same, so that face double absorption of nutrients , the hair can also do hair mask ; baking oil and hair mask , you can lock the protein and water loss , the hair can increase the chance of absorption of nutrients , reply angry. Methods: First, wash the wet hair , then hair mask or oil supplies even painted hair, but do not avoid direct contact with the scalp, then wrap with plastic wrap hair with heat for 15-20 minutes , and finally clean.

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