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Titleist 913 D2 & D3 Driver Review

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Titleist 913 D2 & D3 Driver Review 
By DanielBush on Aug 23, 2013 08:02 AM
Titleist released the 913 driver to replace the previous Titleist 910. The forged club face of the 913 has been fine-tuned to improve the club's performance.

The 913 features two models, the D2 and D3. titleist 913 d2 driver for sale features a 460 cc clubhead while the 913 D3 features a smaller 445 cc clubhead design. The glossy black finish and its pear shape look sharp on both models. The 913 also features a new sole plate design with all-black finish with red and silver trim.

Similar to the 910 D3 driver, Titleist continues with its SureFit technology, which allows you to alter the lie and loft. The removable pentagon shape rear weight is larger than the previous circular weight on the 910 models. Control the weight and shot trajectory by altering the removable weight.

Generally the D2 is extremely forgiving and delivers a straight ball flight with a mid-to-high ball trajectory. The 913 D2, matched with the Aldila α Rip 60, delivered a very solid carry distance. My normal shot pattern is straight or a slight fade; therefore, I was surprised to hit a shot pattern that was a straight to slight draw. The D2 is forgiving and easy to hit; however, it still offers the ability to work the ball.

The Titleist titleist 913 d3 driver for sale offers a smaller clubhead design and great look at address. In addition, the 913 D3 gives you the ability to work the ball. The Titleist 913 D3 is ideal for players who struggle with a high launch and ball flight. The D3 only offers 4 stock shafts, but it should be easy to find the best match for your swing.

The stock Titleist Bassara W 50 shaft is the lightest shaft at 51 grams and highest torque with 5.2 degrees. The Bassara is designed to produce a high ball flight. The Bassara stands out from the others shafts with a bright red color scheme. Performance is very solid with a mid-to-high trajectory. Ball flight is very straight, long and is one of the top performers among the stock shaft options.

Both versions of the new golf clubs for sale offer significant upgrades. Many players will prefer the simplicity and forgiveness the D2 offers. Personally, I found the most consistent results with the 913 D2.
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Re: Titleist 913 D2 & D3 Driver Review 
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