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Monopoly is 78, and still shows monetary values

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Monopoly is 78, and still shows monetary values  
By chloejohnson on Aug 22, 2013 09:17 AM
Monopoly, the enduring and iconic game, celebrated its 78th year on February 6. As a gift, its marketer, Hasbro, got it a new cat token, while retiring the dull flat iron. As old as it is, Monopoly still is a powerful tool for teaching kids some basic notions about money. Article resource: Monopoly teach monetary values

Exploring the history

Charles Darrow, “an unemployed steam-radiator repairman and part-time dog walker from Philadelphia,” sold the Monopoly game to Parker Brothers in 1935, and it soon became a runaway hit. Darrow based the game's city location on 1920s-era Atlantic City, though many of the street titles were altered. It is the same milieu as HBO's "Boardwalk Empire," which may explain why it can be such a cutthroat game with the right players.

People believe Monopoly might really just be another version of The Landlord’s Game though. The game was inspired by economist Henry George when activist Elizabeth Magie put it together. It had a political agenda in the game and was patented in 1904 by Magie.

Reason behind the pieces

The Monopoly game pieces are well known. Most of them have been there since the beginning, except for the wheelbarrow and dog which were added in the 1950s. The rest of the tokens came from Darrow’s daughter’s charm bracelet. The pieces are well known because they have nothing to do with business.

Enthusiasts were allowed to choose between parts on Facebook, and that was when the kitty was chosen.

A teaching tool

One of the very best parts about Monopoly is that it teaches kids the financial classes they may really use later on in life. According to Mother Nature Network’s Melissa Hincha-Ownby, the game is good because it shows kids that there are consequences to your financial decisions. It shows children that you have to go to jail if you do not pay taxes and shows that the bank always has more cash than you do. It shows children how to manage cash and how to pay rent when it comes due. It is a good teaching tool.


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Mother Nature Network
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