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Cultivate good habits

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Cultivate good habits 
By acantha on Aug 22, 2013 04:35 AM
Cultivate good habits

In addition to hair growth products, with the inner conditioning hair can fundamentally change the status quo and prevent the recurrence of alopecia.

First, to ensure adequate sleep. Metabolism of mainly concentrated in the evening, especially 22:00 to 2:00, between this period of time, adequate sleep, can make hair normal metabolism, prevent nutrition loss of balance.
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Expert advice: try to do at least six hours of sleep a day, to develop good habits.

Second, the election of shampoo. Do not use strong or alkaline degreasing shampoo, because this type of degreasing shampoo and dehydration are very strong, easy to make dry hair, scalp necrosis.
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Expert advice: use non-irritating to the scalp without acidic natural shampoo. In addition, the ideal is Combs Combs and bristle brush head, can massage the scalp and promote blood circulation.

Third, to maintain mental health. Daily anxiety can lead to hair loss, depression deeper level, the faster the hair loss.

Expert advice: should maintain appropriate exercise, regular deep breathing, walking, etc., eliminate mental fatigue.

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