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In Cabal, no matter gold or DKP

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In Cabal, no matter gold or DKP 
By asdfeer1 on Jun 27, 2013 07:57 AM
In Cabal, no matter gold or DKP, all items are won through the auction system. Items are placed with bids by whisper, and the item winner controls the next highest bid add 5, if the bid takes you into negative DKP, anybody with higher DKP that bids and Buy Cabal Alz would win the item automatically. If there are more than two players bid the identical amount of gold or DKP, they would be needed to rebid. And note for the rebidding, you should bid pass or higher.
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Tests might just bid mini gold for cheap Cabal gold and items should be items officer instantly before receive the item. Tests do not make DKP for their tested raid. Initiates are not allowed to bid DKP on items for the initial 2 weeks, while they could bid any number of gold, Initiates can make DKP for whole the raids after their test, and they are also allowed to use it even before.

In the case an item gets no bids in cabal, the master looter has the ability to decide what would occur to it. It would be disenchanted in most events, and in BoE items event, it would move to the guild bank. You need a BoE item drop as you wish to have for an alt, you can buy Cabal online Alz online and choose to not bid on it while in raid, while you can purchase it through the guild bank after raid.
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