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worked in the sports sector 
By timfoxisa on Jun 26, 2013 03:28 AM
ENS Ltd's MD Rebecca Hopkins, a leading sport PR and Crisis Management expert, shares her tips for involving employees in leveraging sponsorship: "Despite the recession, companies' involvement in Cheap Jordan Shoes sponsorship has increased and of those sponsorships, sport has proved that it once again leads the field in attracting corporate bucks.

Having worked in the sports sector for gaffwefda well over a decade, advising blue Cheap Jordans Online chips on leveraging sponsorship, it surprises me that employee engagement still features in the drop zone on the campaign programme.

To my mind, the larger the company, the harder the organisation should work to engage its staff, as they have the potential to be the biggest advocates of a brand sponsorship activity. When I first started in the sector, I worked for a brand that invested a significant sum in rugby at a time when the company share-price was at rock bottom. For the weeks immediately following the announcement, each of the sponsorship team endured a conversation with a colleague who would suggest that the sum would be better invested in football (as he national passion? or better still, not invested at all. An interesting turn of events came when the employee reward and recognition scheme was implemented. By ensuring that a large percentage of the workforce had a fair chance to attend matches, win signed memorabilia and meet the stars of the sport, the sponsorship team turned opinion around.

Conversely, despite our strongest recommendations, we have seen brands flat out refuse to provide any associated benefits to Cheap Jordans staff; on asking one brand manager for his logic in denying a small number of tickets to his colleagues, he explained that the sponsorship was or the benefit of the company, not a jolly for the staff? It is my firmly held belief that he staff?are a pretty crucial part of any business and the happier and more involved they feel, the better they perform. By all means, ensure that the sales team are provided the bulk of access, if the strategy behind your sponsorship is essentially networking, but don exclude the reception staff, loading bay operators, engineers or the HR team simply because they can always produce a tangible ROI from attending the game. The pleasure and sense of participation you can give them with a match ticket or the chance to meet a star will usually generate more goodwill than you can measure.


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