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Need Help 
By EyeStreet on Mar 02, 2003 07:43 PM
Hi all,

This is actually a fairly simple question, so forgive my verbose style in asking it.  ;)  

The company I'm working for hasn't provided me with the 3D tools I would like to use, but I did rummage around and find a copy of Lightwave 3D 4.0.  

I thought, great!  Then I looked at the documentation and found that it was for NT 3.5 and my system is NT 4.0.  

Has anyone installed LW 4.0 on NT 4.0?  And if so were there any problems?  <<< Actual question...  Newteks site doesn't address anything like this, probably since the software is so old.

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Re: Need Help 
By showme on Mar 05, 2003 03:05 AM

Its a long time ago, since I used the LW 4.0. I Hope I dont write any shit here.
I think it will work on NT4 but you have to check the location of the LW.CFGs ( in later Versions they are placed in the users profile-directory. Im not shure but in the LW 4.0 there are placed in the Lightwave programs directory).
With a textedtor you can check the status and the location of your pugin-path, content-directory etc.
This procedure is neccecary because Im not shure, that the Installer is working correctly on NT 4.

Hope I can help
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