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By timfoxisa on Jun 14, 2013 05:44 AM
Boxing is a sport in which you wear heavy leather gloves and punch or fight with your fists. A boxing ring measures 12 sq.ft. Cheap Jordans For Sale to 20 sq.ft. Some of its famous practitioners are Mike Tyson (USA), Lennox Lewis (UK), Muhammad Ali (USA), Somluck Kamsing (Thailand), Audley Harrison (Britain), Oleg Mascaew (Uzbekistan), Mike Weaver (USA), Michael Mutua (Kenya), Manoj Pingle (India), Laurent Boudouani (France) Ariel Hernandez (Cuba) Wijan Ponlid (Thailand).

Some of the common terms associated with boxing are: Upper cut, kidney punch, Babbitt punch, knock down, hitting below the belt auxiliary point system, defense, down, hook, Jab, lying on, seconds out, slam, upper cut, Jordans For Sale win by knockout, and weight in. Boxing has been an Olympic sport since 688 BC. This sport is supposed to have originated in ancient Greece and Great Britain.

The boxing competition involves eleven weight divisions organized on a knock-out basis. They are Light flyweight (48Kgs), Flyweight (Under 51 Kgs), bantamweight (under 54 kgs), featherweight (Under 57 kgs), Light weight (under 60 kgs), Light welter weight (under gaffwefda 63.5 kgs), Welterweight (Under 67 kgs), Light middle weight (Under 71 kgs), Middleweight (under 75 kgs), Light heavy weight (under 81 kgs), Heavy weight (81 kgs+). Each contest is boxed over three 3-minute rounds. The result depends on either a knock-out, the referee stopping the contest for the safety of the loser, or on a points decision.

Boxing possibly must be as old as our civilization. The usage of fists comes naturally to people. The tendency to fight is deeply embedded in human blood. Even if all weapons are seized human being will continue to fight using their fists. Boxing could have been the earliest means of fighting. Later on with the invention of sticks, swords, spheres and guns that other forms of sports emerged and gained popularity.

Boxing falls under the category of combat sport; here two contestants use their fists to fight by following certain rule-set of the game. Boxing is practiced all over the world in numerous ways.

Earlier no set of rules were followed in boxing. There was neither a referee, nor round limits nor weight divisions. In ancient times this sport exercised the most inhuman, brutal and crudest form of entertainment. The match ended only after one of the fighters lost consciousness. Cheap Jordan Shoes Instead of the hard gloves used in modern times ancient Greek fighters wrapped their wrist, fist and breast with strips of stiff leather to protect themselves against injuries that were caused during the tussle. Boxing rules were first introduced in 1743 by jack Broughton, a heavy weight champion to safeguard the lives of the fighter. According to the rules if the opponent is knocked down and is unable to rise with 30 seconds he was declared the loser.
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