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Green Jade and Chinese Charms

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Green Jade and Chinese Charms 
By Alphonse on Jun 07, 2013 08:00 AM
Jade Jewelry has been used in Chinese suppliers since the Neolithic era and archaeologists have uncovered things going back to 5000 BC. The first Chinese suppliers vocabulary described jade as wonderful rocks while Confucius recognized its 11 benefits, said to indicate the human spirit. Among them are commitment, cleanliness and intellect while the durability of the precious stone represents durability. One historical leader was hidden in a jade fit in an attempt to protect his body.

In early times, Chinese suppliers jade was designed for weaponry and resources. Later it was used for traditions, amulets, holy things, musical show equipment, such as flute glasses and beeps, and under the Han empire for jewellery and appeal. The Qing made Carved Jade decorations, often in representational creature forms, for example winged tigers or cicadas, such as those still found these days.
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