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UV Mapping?

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UV Mapping? 
By Captain_Fatso on Nov 26, 2002 06:18 PM

hey could somebody maybe explain the "best" way to texture a complicated object like a face.
I assume UV mapping is the way to go but how do you unwrap it and export it as a jpeg or what have you so it can be textured in Photoshop?


Captain Fatso
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Re: UV Mapping? 
By themaxx on Nov 30, 2002 08:19 PM
I can't tell you the best way to unwrap a face, but I can give you a basic walkthrough of creating and applyng a UV map in Lightwave.

In the bottom right corner of modeler, click the T (texture) button. From the popup menu next to it, choose "new" to create a new UV map. In the dialog box that comes up, choose the map type and axis that best suits your object. For example, "atlas" will create a map with your object taken apart and pressed out flat, which works well for photoshop work on most objects.

Give the UV texture map a name and click ok.

Send the object to layout and bring up the surface editor. From the shaders tab, add Surface Baker. (Surface baker will allow you to render your surface out to an image which can then be edited in Photoshop.)

Double click Surface Baker to bring up its settings dialog. Choose your UV map from the popup, and set the resolution and file format you want. You'll also want to turn off the "Bake Illumination" option, since you don't want the lighting or shadows rendered into your texture.

Render your object and in addition to the rendered scene, you'll get an image of your texture map, perfectly fitted to your object. Edit that image in photoshop (but don't change its size).

Once you get your image the way you want it, bring up the surface editor for your object. Click the T (texture) button next to 'color'. In the texture editor, choose Image Map from the layer type popup. Choose UV from the projection popup. Choose your UV Map from the UVMap popup, and finally choose load image from the image popup and select your texture.

Hope this helps.
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Re: UV Mapping? 
By Captain_Fatso on Nov 30, 2002 10:11 PM
Hey thanks MAXX    
Cool!   ;D
I had most of those steps down but I knew I was missing some important steps.
This will help a lot!

Captain Fatso
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Re: UV Mapping? 
By themaxx on Dec 04, 2002 07:08 PM
One other thing that may not be entirely self-evident-- the image produced by surface baker will have an alpha channel that shows the wireframe of the uv map. This is helpful in figuring out how the image maps onto the object.
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Re: UV Mapping? 
By showme on Dec 05, 2002 04:03 AM
another hint for uv-mapping

I don´t like to work with the atlas map projection
there are to many part in the map.
To paint it and make no brakes in the color-gradiente....
hard work.

But you can make  your own "atlas"map by assign several different planar projection types in the same map (e.g. Planar-y, and planar-x in the same map)
here is the way to handle it:

select the polygons  which you would like to have in one piece on your map. you have to cut and paste it, so that they are not connected with the rest of the polygons. Then apply them to your specific map.
in the uv texture view of the modeller you can move, rotate and scale the polys in the right position without changing the geometry of your modell.
after this step select the next polygon set.
cut it, paste it, under the (T) button select "new" map
and in the following popup window select equal texture as before. You can give them another texture-axis if necessary .
repeat these steps for all Polygon sets which you in your UV map want to have.
if you are ready with these steps deselect all Poly´s then choose the "Lock UV´s to polygon" tool....
I think you will find it under the map-tab ->texture->more.
in the pop-up window choose your map name
after this step merge the points
now your map is ready to render a mask in layouter  for painting in photoshop

this only works with planar projetion types
spherical or cylindrical maps are "hanging" on the edges
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Re: UV Mapping? 
By Captain_Fatso on Dec 05, 2002 03:51 PM
Thanks Showme
Very helpful
I also was digging around on flay and found the unwrap 2 plug in which looks promising

Thanks all for the help  ;D
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Re: UV Mapping? 
By JDaniel on Feb 14, 2003 10:22 PM
Here's another option for you.    
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