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Metin2 yang and Heavy Str Guidelines

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Metin2 yang and Heavy Str Guidelines  
By asdfeer1 on May 29, 2013 08:46 AM

Heavy Str Builds: 2:1 str/Int PvE make defiantly a fantastic Partisan Warrior create in addition to a Excellent mage develop if capabilities are set suitable. Pros Fantastic for PvE and together with the ideal capabilities youll murder Partisan Warriors. Cons You'll be taking lots of damage, you could collect buy metin2 yang for aid. Heavy Con Builds: two:1 Con/Int Fantastic debuffer construct an asset to any Guild War. Pros Goo Def wont take much harm and use much pots. Cons Wont do crap for harm make close friends with your attack capabilities. No Int Builds.

I strongly propose DONT make any no int builds Mirage Suras will be the battlemage and also a Battlemage without the need of any fantastic magic is just a crappy warrior it be mainly a warrior with less usefull skills. The capabilities are what actually makes a Sura a PvP machine. If you want buy cheap metin2 yang, you may speak to us. Rupture: Bargains harm infront of user Ignores Defense: Partisan Warriors you have met your match. Aura of Sword: increases Attack Power and larger lvs drain a % of harm into hp.

Aphonic: increases Defense and higfher lvs have a chane to reflect damage back to attacker: Great if your fortunate but I dont like to rely on % things to considerably def enhance continues to be great. Dark twister: Bargains damage around user Ignores Dodge: That is how you come to be the Assassin begone. Worry: Reduces attack power and temporarily prevents ability use Says this but Im not sure if its correct: Excellent debuff terrific for guild wars. Players normally metin2 yang from us. Take away Magic: Bargains Harm and possibility to remove buffs from a target: Once again wonderful for guild wars not a great deal else.

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Re: Metin2 yang and Heavy Str Guidelines 
By alib8819 on May 31, 2013 03:39 PM

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