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Benefit's nude shiny glosses

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Benefit's nude shiny glosses 
By drwhj421 on May 29, 2013 12:57 AM
When I mentioned that Rachel Bilson was, in fact, wearing one michael kors factory outlet of Benefit's new ultra shines lip shine in the title of this post, I may have been stretching the truth a little. I mean, she's probably not actually wearing one of their lippies, but from where I'm sitting, she totally could be. And that my friends, is good enough for me.

Before we get into the product banter, let's take a look at the picture of our sensational model, Miss Rachel Bilson, who was seen parading her fabulous mug in LA a couple days back at the Waiting For Forever Premiere:

Isn't she pretty? (Insert nodding head here.) She always looks beautiful. And even though I kind of want to jump into the computer screen and blend out her caramel brown eye shadow with a michael kors canada makeup brush just a michael kors outlet online wee bit, I'm more than a little in love with her lips. They're the perfect colour, really: just a little bit peachy, a little bit nude, a little bit glossy and just the slightest bit icy, which gives a soft metallic finish.

If I'm honest, I was actually quite jealous of said lips when I first spotted them, Primps. But then I went rolling (walking?) around the PRIMPED beauty cupboard and boom! There they were, staring at me like little children urging to be picked up and played with. 'They' were a bunch of sensational lip gloss newbies from Benefit, all of which had that same soft shiny, metallic finish that Rach has, and they were even all nudie, peachy hues too. Scooooore.

Primps, please shake hands with Benefit's ultra shine lip shine in michael kors online nudietude, so frisk me, nookie nookie and patootie:

Now, these fresh puppies are worth 34 shmackers and are available from Benefit from February 12th, and I'm more than certain nookie nookie up there is ridonkulously similar to the hue RB has on. It has that pretty glaze finish, with a touch of michael kors factory store peach to give the lips a subtle punch of colour. It's perfect. God bless the beauty cupboard (and Benefit, of course).
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