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Lion attack reminds us

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Lion attack reminds us  
By zishenluzhu on May 28, 2013 07:36 AM
Lion attack reminds us we shouldn forget power of animals

Wildlife expert Jeff Corwin: Lion attack reminds us we shouldn forget power of animals, talks challenges of researching sharks

Wildlife expert and host of ABC's "Ocean Mysteries" Jeff Corwin talks with Soeldad on Point to discuss the recent lion attack that killed a young woman in California, and the new aerial footage of shark migration in Florida.

At "Cat Haven," an animal sanctuary in Dunlap California, a intern was mauled to death by a 350 pound African lion named Cous Cous. The victim was 24yearold Dianna Hanson from Seattle, Washington.

According to her father, Dianna adored the African lion and her internship was her dream job. Dianna entered Cous Cous' cage when he attacked her, and the fouryearold lion had to be shot and killed by deputies when workers could not lure him away from the victim.

Corwin stressed that lions are powerful animals, and it struck him "as potentially dangerous for someone to be alone with a cat like this."

Corwin says that lions are "hardwired to be exquisite pinnacle predators, they are at the top of the food pyramid when it comes to the ecosystems where they live." He warns that even when a lion is raised in captivity their baser michael kors factory outlet predatory instincts are not diminished. This is many zoos and institutions under the AZA have michael kors outlet store very strict rules and regulations when it comes to working with these animals."

Corwin also discussed the new developments in solving the puzzle of great white sharks. The nonprofit organization Ocearch recently tagged a great white shark off the coast of Florida. The 14 foot shark, known as Lydia, now michael kors store has a michael kors factory GPS device attached to her fin that can track her movements.

He concludes that sharks have more to fear then people do, and he gives the staggering statistic that "just this year alone at the wrap up of 2012 we killed more then 100 million sharks. Today 90% of shark species are in trouble because of the industrialized shark fining industry."
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