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Beauty Looks from Spring

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Beauty Looks from Spring 
By drwhj421 on May 28, 2013 01:48 AM
Zo said it was the sexiest hair and makeup of michael kors online outlet the shows so far, and frankly, I couldn agree more. The soft waves, side parts and fresh dewy skin are just so wearable and perfect for spring. Not to mention the emerald green eyeshadow that added a touch of playfulness without looking too overdone. For the hair, apply a volume boosting mousse to damp hair and go nuts with your dryer and a big barrel brush. If you loving the eyeshadow, L Paris have just launched their new Color Minerals range, and in it is this great shimmering eyeshadow in exactly that shade, called Topaz Shimmer.

Oscar, well, isn he a delight. As I said in my blog, I so excited that he bringing back a sense of romance and ridiculously gorgeous backcombed styles, that were far removed from all the straight centreparts we were seeing everywhere. The trick to this look is adding volume before trying to backcomb. Just pop some rollers in for a while, and then get to it with your wide toothed comb. The makeup was all about the eyes, with lovely metallic shades of bronze and deep browns, while the skin was kept all dewy and natural. My favourite.

I knew this was a special show when I rushed away and tried to recreate this look myself. Perhaps it was Agy and her amazing skin that sold it for me, but I think it was just the freshness of it all. I love the flushed cheeks that brought a healthy glow to michael kors factory the models faces, as well as the smoky eye and nearly white lipstick. That was my favourite part, michael kors outlet canada actually. I never thought I would want to go near a pinky white lippy, but it looks surprisingly hot here. Although Agy short hair was all slicked back, the other girls got treated to these pretty twists and side parts, which I also going to try this season.

The super cool sunnies, slicked hair with a ribbon tied around a high sitting bun, and stained lips at PPQ were probably the coolest hair/makeup combo of the entire season. Massive call, I know. But firstly, it relaxed. I can see myself trying to pull this look off almost every weekend as I wonder around Bondi concealing my frizz with this slickedback hair. And the lip stain is a great concept for anyone who doesn like reapplying their gloss every 45 seconds. And while Zo and I are the first to admit that although it looks easy, the slickedback bun doesn always work we still thinking it worth trying out.

At the beginning of the shows, Zo and I thought michael kors factory outlet that pastels were going to be everywhere. We were so excited by the pretty makeup at Behnaz Sarafpour, all those lovely soft greens and blues everywhere were making us blush. But then all the pastels were overtaken by nude metallics and they weren as big as we thought they would be. Still definitely a trend, but just not everywhere. However, of all the shows I saw, this makeup really stuck in my mind. As did the hair. The soft pink cheek and blue eyeshadow in the inner corners were reminiscent of a garden nymth and frankly, I loved it. The gorgeous floral headband made the look, though. Popped on top of slicked hair, they created a sense of femininity that was unrivaled by any other show.

And finally, just for shits and giggles and something that seriously fun, Moschino. We often forget that hair and makeup aren permanent, they can be changed if we don like it. That the erm, beauty of it. Trying fun, quirky trends is all a part of being a chick, so when we spotted this we got so, so excited. Firstly, the hair. It is totally nuts, obviously, but the rockstar quiff in undeniably fun. As is the serious eye makeup. michael kors outlet online Really heavy black liner that all wingy and ridiculous. It brave and wonderful. We love it.
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