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My Discount Shoe Store 
By zishenluzhu on May 27, 2013 06:46 AM
Where indeed can you find comfortable shoes for less? Why. at My Discount Shoe Store, of course!

In 2003, I found myself a newly minted entrepreneur, just off a 20 year stint as an IT consultant, and eager to make a go of this eBay thing. But what to sell? There was only so much stuff in the house.

September 2003 answered that question. I was contracted by a michael kors factory national firm to help them deal with a pesky problem in their Memphis distribution center odd lot, oddsnends, overstock. or in other words "excess" inventory. They knew nothing about eBay, I knew michael kors outlet online next to nothing about shoes it was a match made in business heaven!

But I learned and quickly. And I learned that, no matter how hard I tried, you ladies somehow always seemed to know more about the shoes I was selling than I ever did! And I really did try!!

So I've had to satisfy myself with the fact that, thru my contract, I was able to provide a source for inexpensive, comfortable, fashionable footwear to the michael kors factory outlet female shoewearing public.(as of Sep 2008, my client opted to take their product off eBay but I've opened this lens to shoes from all michael kors canada sellers on eBay where the selection is still great!)

Comfortable shoes are a good thing. A good pair of comfortable shoes won't make a bad day better. but they do give you one less thing to worry about. Now add good looks to comfort and you've got a great combination.

The shoes I sold for my client were all great looking shoes. But more than that, they were all comfortable shoes. I didn't have any spike heels in fact, I think my tallest heels were michael kors online outlet only 2 inches. And all of the heels were wider, more stable. Easier to walk in, easier to be comfortable in.
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