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com CEO Eva Jeanbart Lorenzotti Dishes 
By wanghuan on May 24, 2013 02:53 AM
com CEO Eva Jeanbart Lorenzotti Dishes on Timeless Style Luxury

Carrying all the musthave designer brands and items of the season from the big names to fab new unknowns Eva Jeanbart Lorenzotti her crew of tireless stylehunters comb the globe for the best of everything. They work with different designers, craftsmen, and brands from around the world to put together an eclectic, michael kors factory outlet unexpected mix. "We're a website that focuses on different aspects of your life," says Lorenzotti. "We're very focused on the mix and the ideas. We focus on men's, children and home and fashion, but we do it all around themes and ideas: Things when you want to go away for the summer, things that you want to give to your loved ones, things that you want to with."

Part of the Vivre mantra is timelessness and helping their customer fill their closets with timeless michael kors outlet online luxuries they'll adore today, and love even more tomorrow. But don't be afraid to mix it up high low, expensive cheap advises Lorenzotti. "There is a certain sense of understatedness that we believe in, but we also have fun and whimsy because our lives are a mix of the high and lows, and that's what we try to michael kors online outlet do at Vivre is mix it all up."

Less about the products themselves, and more about the context, Vivre will present their customers with a direction eg. Metallic bags but then present them with a few great options to choose from. "Consumers today, they have so much abundance and access to things, but they're confused. What they're looking for is a little bit of direction, and within that direction, they feel comfortable enough to pick their own." By presenting an edited point of view, Vivre showcases the best 10 to 15 bags of the season, rather than 500, leaving you with an interesting mix of fashion and home accessories to ogle and covet. "Many different things can be beautiful, many different things can be wonderful, but it's about the why the why will it fit into my life: how can I add this in? How can I change it? Why is this right? It's about the why at the end."

As a successful fashion retailer, Vivre knows what women want. Not only does Lorenzotti take feedback, she michael kors outlet canada encourages it! "I get a lot of different feedback whether they want bigger sizes or different types of things, or whether they want more of something. I love listening to it." And what women want this year is jewelry, and lots of michael kors factory it. While shoes and bags are still hot, Lorenzotti report that jewelry is this year's runaway hit, especially bold and unique "statement" pieces with a lot of personality. "People are looking for things that have very particular identities like metallics, woods, or different things of that nature." She also notes that in addition to embellishment, people want fun pieces to add to their life which also put a bit of a twist into their wardrobes, such as pairing colorful embroidered Indian slippers with a nice pair of slacks. " I think everybody's looking to figure out how they can create their own sense of difference, and what feels comfortable."

Metallic bag Vivre makes some adorable metallic pouches under their own label that Eva dubs the "the perfect summer accessory." "They go with everything jeans, tshirts, fancy, nonfancy Whether you're going out to dinner, going to the beach, or whatever, they're all you need."

Metallic tote the tote, but with some sex appeal go everywhere from beach to office

Lucite ring especially one by fab designer Patricia von Musulin "It's a showstopper, it's light, it's comfortable, it's dynamic, it goes with everything and it's a must have."

A Journal Vivre's own line come in great colors, and are great to just throw in your bag for whenever a deep thought crosses your mind.

Tshirt The ones from Adam Eve rock.

Sequined bikini Roberto Cavalli's would rock the beach paired with a djellaba, or apres la plage with a sheer top.

Tunics great in turquoise with gold paisley from Juliet Dunn or a python print from Adrienne Landau

Thongs with a kitten heel Oscar de la Renta makes a great musthave pair

Hats especially fun hats, like in raffia with gold, or even a handpainted panama

Buttondown shirt The Herion "H" shirt

Fun home accessories these twisted, very exuberant candlesticks from Mathias are a lot of fun as well as these ice cream "pints" that slip over a standard ice cream container and make it fun to serve at a dinner party. " You pass these little buckets around and everybody can taste and share, and all of the sudden, it breaks the ice."
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