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Busy as a Brooklyn Bound B

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Busy as a Brooklyn Bound B 
By wanghuan on May 23, 2013 02:32 AM
Someone has been working by night in my neighborhood putting up words on what was until recently just an unsightly parking deck.

Today is an anniversary of michael kors outlet online an infamous day, but I reached saturation point michael kors canada outlet on that subject (and yet still keep watching the documentaries, and then having to turn the channel away to something cleansing and dopey like It a Mad, Mad Mad Mad World).

I was reminded today that (almost) everyone alive is fortunate to be here. And when I walk to the subway in the morning, I pass at the building seen in the above right foreground, the NYC Job Center, a line of grim faces and momentarily feel lucky to be going to a job, however much I may not have michael kors online wanted to deal until then. But a different reason to stop and assess appeared in my morning walk to the subway recently.

Up on the parking garage across from the Downtown Brooklyn Macy it says: BORN BUSY AS A BROOKLYN BOUND B / I AM MADE TO LEAVE I michael kors factory AM MADE TO RETURN / I WAS NURTURED HERE.

I stopped to think about this, still precoffee. No one was noticing what to me was quite noticable. Even when only the first words were visible in white without their black contrast layer, this project had already improved an eyesore.

Each day since since, I watched new lines or lyrics appear. The Livingston Street face of the deck got its own lyrics, plus a guy on the corner of the structure.

I am especially enjoying how much less of my mind is now used for thinking about how hideous that Fulton Closeout Center banner is, and how much more of it michael kors factory store is now thinking about the words and who might have written them and put them up there and so on.

And the words are still spreading onto other contiguous areas, including interbuilding walkways over Hoyt street: a slow reveal of rhymes.

Today the artists of this installment were out working in daylight, and passerby were finally stopping to take notice.

I reminded that New York is never finished. It an ongoing work. It can look messy and nonuniform. We shedding off some old skins, and editing out what doesn work, and trying on new things.

So this unexpected art project is kind of making me love my neighborhood right now. I now start each weekday walking beneath the word EUPHORIA. I just hope it doesn turn out to be sponsored by Pepsi..
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