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Mizuno MP-53 Steel Shaft Irons Review

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Mizuno MP-53 Steel Shaft Irons Review 
By DanielBush on May 22, 2013 07:36 AM
I upgraded from MP32's trying to get a little more distance. The 32's are the best I have owned so far but the Mizuno MP-53 Ironshave finally allowed me to put the 32's away.

The golf clubs for sale -- MP-53 Irons have lower trajectory and better control. They are not the look a lot of golfers like but they play great. They have a solid feel on impact and drawing and fading is simple.These clubs also do not dig into the ground and stop. The upgrade to project x 6.0 is big as well. If you swing fast or hard this will benefit you.

Consequently, as equipment has developed, I've tended to be perhaps over conservative in my preference for the look of a club at address, demanding that it gives me confidence - usually with a thickish top line and an oversize head - to strike it with power and passion.

The diamond muscle design on the back of the head did increase the sweet spot about 1cm in each direction to make it bigger than the MP-52 iron it replaces and even the Mizuno MX-300 Irons, making the MP-53 irons are much more forgiving than any MP iron we had tried before. The cavity in the long and mid irons may not appeal to all, but it is well hidden at address and is closed on the shorter irons so all you see is the better playing iron.

Mizuno have also worked hard on the sound feedback and this is very good as always. The MP-53 lofts are the same as the MP-52 in the 3-5 irons and one degree stronger from 6-iron to PW. The grooves on the face conform to the 2010 condition of competition regulations. The trajectory was good and a bit lower than the Mizuno MP-64 Irons and the workability was better too so we think this is an ideal set for low to medium single figure golfers who want looks, performance and forgiveness.

These may have game improvement qualities to them but that's what we are all looking for. When you take looks out of the category there is no better club out there right now. The overall performance is what golfers strive for and Mizuno has always been ahead of the game.
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