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A Boston Globe blog on home and clothing fashion 
By drwhj421 on May 22, 2013 02:04 AM
The teaser for tonight's "Project Runway" finale promises drama, pain, and a very stubborn Michael Kors. But can anything match last week's river of tears from auf'd contestant and perpetual sad puppy dog Michael Costello? Perhaps he can find a new career as a Kleenex spokesman. The oddson favorite to win tonight is the humble, likable, and occasionally moody Mondo Guerra. He also seems capable of being the first PR winner in several seasons that anyone will be capable of remembering after the finale (where have you gone Irina Shabayeva and Seth Aaron Henderson?).

Onetime season 8 villainess Gretchen Jones and her earth mother fashion shtick seems like an unlike michael kors outlet online choice to take the title. I think Andy South's designs are a bit too outofthisplanet for the judges to fall for. So that leaves Guerra, And if this previous winning design is any indication, he should have no problem convincing the judges.

In case you need reminding, Christmas is exactly two months from today (insert shocked gasp here). Which means it's time to start thinking about a gift for the crazy cat lover on your list who is also a fan of fashion. And who doesn't have someone like michael kors factory outlet that on their list? Well, United Bamboo makes it easy to shop for this hypothetical individual with its annual high fashion cat calendar or, as we like to call it cats looking very uncomfortable and angry while wearing tiny human clothes. This collection of feline cuteness will set you back $50, but who doesn't love cats in couture? Except for the poor cats, of course. Preorder now. The calendars will ship out on Nov. 15.

Please sit back, take a break from your humdrum Monday, and enjoy this perfect fusion of 1969 fashion and soul. Here's a young Thelma Houston, a full eight years before the disco success of "Don't Leave Me This Way," reworking the Rolling Stones' "Jumpin' Jack Flash" into a simmering stew of soulful sexiness. If you're feeling a tad glum this Monday, these backup dancers should have you smiling. If this video does not prompt you tap your foot and grin with delight, it's probably time to pay attention to those antidepressant advertisements on television. This track is available on Ms. Houston's greatest hits album (as if you didn't already know that).

If you can't handle cute, please cover your eyes immediately. Smart has teamed with Sanrio (the Japanese company behind the world's most adorable cat) to create these custom wraps for their tiny cars. If you felt that the Smart alone wasn't cute enough, you can now get in touch with your inner tween by driving a Hello Kitty Smart car. These wraps allow for quick customization, and when you're done driving around with a giant, mouthless cat on your car. Just take it off.

I'm thinking the Hello Kitty Smart should probably be my next car. This is appropriate for an adult man, yes? (Just nod your head yes, even michael kors canada if you're quite certain it's not). You can get a full or partial wrap, depending on how cute you'd like your car to be. Prices range from $550 for a partial wrap to $1,700 for a full wrap. You can check out the details here.

Sports Illustrated called him "the toughest athlete alive," so naturally he's coming to town to talk about. fashion? Lance Mackey will be at the Tannery in Boston (complete with adorable mushing dogs!) to sign his new book. The fourtime Iditarod champ will also be there to unveil his custom winter parka, which the Tannery will sell for $750.

The Canada Goose Lance Mackey Constable Parka is inspired by the coat that Mackey wore during his 1,200 mile journey, so it will likely keep you warm walking from Government Center to Downtown Crossing.

In the new issue of Harper's Bazaar, pop tornado Amy Winehouse talks about her happy, cleaned up new life. She also talks about her new fashion line. Holy dirty ballet slippers, did we miss something here? No one appreciates Winehouse's retro sensibilities more than Stylephile. But Winehouse is a bit, how do we say this politely, unkempt. Perhaps a bit more polish and a few more days of sobriety will convince us that she's ready to enter the realm of Diane von Furstenberg. To be fair, she is collaborating with Fred Perry, so there will be some supervison. And it looks like Winehouse has already become a style icon, at least to this moppet. Let's hope the beehive is the only michael kors online outlet Winehouseism she's imitating. to host a popup shop of goodies from local designers. Ross and Carney have collaborated with West Elm on some terrific product, and more collaborations are coming. Tonight you can check out selections from their own line, along with pieces from other local designers. The party also has music from DJ extraordinare Richie LaDue, plus drinks and nibbles. It's all free, just be polite and RSVP here if you stop by and shop.

If you're unable to make it to tonight's event, Carney and Ross have finally opened a Patch NYC shop in Boston. It's located in the Courtyard at 46 Waltham Street (corner of Washington Street) in the South End. this evening. Stop by, prentend to daintily sip from a martini glass, and listen to ReVive's global skincare expert Hylton Lea (left) dispense bon mots about keeping your youthful visage. ReVive is the preferred brand of Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, and, err, Tom Cruise. Tonight's party is free to attend, michael kors factory just RSVP if you'll be attending by calling 6175363669, ext. 2096.
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