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Condi Rice Wants Ceasefire

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Condi Rice Wants Ceasefire 
By zishenluzhu on May 16, 2013 08:51 AM

may be willing to compromise on the stalemate over how to end the fighting. Security Council resolution would be approved within days that would include a ceasefire and describe principles for a lasting peace.

At the ASEAN meetings, Indonesia and Malaysia let Condi know she was going off a cliff. It was a most unmistakable warning. In addition, Sadr, the man we wanted christian louboutin outlet uk to kill two years ago, the defacto ruler of half of Iraq, is now declaring war on us. We expect to supply our massive embassy and massive troop hideouts via the port down where Sadr has many suicide warriors waiting for him to launch his frontal attack on the US forces. Forget 'fixing' Iraq. We are in a serious fix there now! Gads. I called this one years ago!

This article does note we can stop funding the Israelis. Of course, this would mean cutting the chains that bind our 'elected' officials to Tel Aviv. These are very strong chains. I would rather arrest them all for being traitors since this is the definition of treason: selling one's home country to foreign powers which then destroy us. Ditto Saudi Arabia. They were the ones who attacked us on 9/11. They used their vast money and power to deflect us from them and redirect us towards a totally innocent party, Iraq.

Three soldiers with no family in Israel (termed 'lone soldier') have been killed since the fighting started in the North and two others have been wounded.

Last Tuesday Staff Sergeant Yonatan Vlasyuk from the Ukraine, who served in an elite unit and lived with an adopted family in Kibbutz Lahav, was killed. A day later, Sergeant Assaf Namer of Australia, of Golani was killed, followed Tuesday by the death of an American, Staff Sergeant Michael Levin, a paratrooper. In the same incident another lone soldier in Levin's unit, Yonatan Marcus, was wounded. Another lone soldier, Ilan Grapel, of Queens, New York, was among 20 soldiers wounded Tuesday night in the battle of Taibe.

Major Avital Knacht, who deals with lone soldiers in the IDF human resources branch, said the IDF does not give out information about the number of its lone soldiers or those serving in combat units. However, she noted that the rate of volunteering for combat units among lone soldiers is higher than in the general population. Knacht said the lone soldiers "come to Israel ready to give their all, and the best way to do that is through combat duty."

Aharon Horwitz, a former lone soldier from Cleveland, said that as a teenager, he felt that "Israel is a Jewish state and so I thought that I also had a responsibility to serve." He said his parents were supportive, but "it was hard for my mother to be so far away and not know where I was. Some of my [lone soldier] friends had parents who were less supportive and so that was difficult."

Yup. When the Irish came here during or just before the Civil War, they had to fight in it even though they were total newcomers. And they didn't like it but they had to if they wanted to stay. They couldn't demand the USA then turn around and fight for christian louboutin uk Ireland. The mania today that has gripped America's many ethnic groups, of worshipping their 'homelands' is endangering this 'homeland'! If we had an excess of soldiers and needed no more, then I could accept someone running off to another country to fight.

On a windswept hilltop in the border village of Khiam, christian louboutin outlet the notorious Israeli prison from its occupation of south Lebanon has been reduced to a sea of concrete debris and twisted rebar.

After the Israeli withdrawal in 2000, the Khiam prison was converted to a museum chronicling Israel's human rights abuses in south Lebanon and Israel has long been keen to see it wiped out.

"God willing we will restore it," louboutin uk sale says a Hezbollah fighter with a purple scar bisecting his face, standing near the prison.

Iran's Foreign Relations Vice Minister Manuchehr Mohammadi told Venezuelan state television, "The first consequence of these sanctions would be an increase in the price of oil to around $200 per barrel."

The statement comes after the United Nations on Monday demanded that Iran suspend all nuclear development within a month or face the threat of sanctions. Iran responded that it had a sovereign right to nuclear development.

Despite this blatant warning launched while visiting our very restive main provider of oil, Venezuela, the many investors watching American TV for clues of what to do next, are being told that world oil is stable and nothing will cause it to go up in price. This is really dumb but then, people have a talent for stupidity. If Bush cut off Israel's war funds and ceased shipping them illegal WMD and if all the war criminals were hauled into court here and in the Middle East, world oil prices would go down.

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