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Cory William Edward Morrel's 
By wanghuan on May 14, 2013 06:27 AM
Cory William Edward Morrel's

Make 2011 a great year for America and my life. Grant me freedom, prosperity, and opportunity int the future with my acting career, animation, and the chance to make lots of money. May light shine upon this land of liberty. May they watch over my family and for everyone to love each other during this of Valentine. Help me get casted in Shakespeare,"AS YOU LIKE IT" back at my old college. Watch over me and make me do good things for other in order for them to reciprocate things in return. Help me improve my functionality and ability to deliver the best performance for TV and FILM. I didn't Shakespeare or a spot and an acting class in New York; however, let something positive come by way. Thank you. IN BRIGHTEST DAY. IN BLACKEST NIGHT. NO EVIL SHALL ESCAPE MY SIGHT. LET THOSE THAT WORSHIP EVIL'S MIGHT. BEWARE MY POWER. GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT. I HOPE TO HAVE A GOOD SUPER SUMMER AND KEEP WORKING ON MY BOOK. THANK YOU GOD FOR GOOD FRIENDS AND GIVE ME LUCK AS THIS YEAR PROGRESSES. THANK YOU. Bless our service men and women in the military, Those who put their lives on the line for our country. Also make sure I have a safe and good flight down to my new home in Florida. Please also look after little Caylee Anthony in heaven where truth, justice, and the American way was not served against a cold blooded killer. Keep good people who want to their lives free in strength, a sense of responsibility, and honor. Thank you.

AUGEST: Dear God, we are now near the end of Summer, please assist me in near the completion of my manuscript come November. Bless my brother on a successful 7th grade year. Help me complete THE FLASH: SPEED FORCE IIITHE BATTLE OF ZOOM for a Spring 2012 release. Help get reemployed with brand new job and bless the ill, sick and dying for our strengths to survive. Thank you.

September: It was a difficult month. My mom and I got into an argument and itresulted in in volence out of anger. I still love her and have a huge heart. I actedwithout contemplation, but heart goes on despite what I did. I love her and I'm determined courageously to getthrough these frustrated times. Pray for me and thank you all fans.

October: Another step toward healing. We are in harvest season and leaves are turning up north. Have a great healthy and Happy Halloweeneveryone. I love my mom, brother and family and miss them dearly. Most importantly I love those who receiveprayer through me. Thank you and God bless all. May my dreams fulfillthrough the grace and love that I seek. I'm thankful to know thereare wonderful people praying for me. Still looking after me and soon I willbe reunited with my family again. 2011 was a rough year and 2012 will be a time ofbetter healing. Well hopefully Speed Force III by then. Amen. Morr.

DECEMBER: I WISH ALL OF AMERICA A WARM FELTMERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR. THOUGH2011 SUCKED MAJOR SHIT FOR ME AND MY FAMILY, I I PRAY 2012 BRINGS ME GOOD FORTUNE FOR ME AND ALLPRESIDENT MITT G. ROMNEY January 20th, 20132021John 3:16For he who loved the world so much he gave his only begotten son. That through Christ the world mightsaved from him. God bless America, our armed forces, ourhospital volunteers, our law enforcement officers andthose struggling to survive for their families. Thisnew year I will do better. I will grow stronger, I will speak more smarter, and I willreach new potential. I have Jesus and many people praying for me. Happy New Year 2012. February: It was a good month. A bit rough, but I'm working on my book. God bless people who are suffering, starving, false arrests, and who can't make financial ends meat. I pray my logos sell and I see some sales. God thank you for giving me telekinesis so I can move objects. I don't fear the force. I embrace it. Happy Valentine's DayI love my family and those who are thinking of me as I heal from last year. Thank Jesus. Amen.

March: Happy St. Mitt Romneybecome the 45th President of the United States. God bless and Amen.

APRIL 2012: This April I am tumultuously blessed to be renewed with Jesus Christ. I will also work at prefecting my telekinesis do more logo designing commission sales and profit. Through each nightII sing to him. I pray to God who loves me. A very happy 56th birthday to her. Happy Mother's Day to all women this month of spring.

JUNE: This June will be a very important month. Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there. "Blessed is the man whom you instruct, O Lord. And you out of Your Law,That you may give him rest from the days of adversity. Until the pit is dug for the wicked. For the lord will not cast of his peopleNor will He forsake in inheritence. But judgement will return to rightousness. And all the upright in heart will follow it."Psalm 94:1215. God bless our country and stand proud in patriotism. We will get our country back. God bless our fell tea party members, contributors, doners and campaign organizers. Daily michael kors outlet canada prayer: Our lord you are our rock our safety and fortress. You are our father and we trusting you. In you the lord we do trust. You shield us in your wing and shelter us in your feathers. Do you so much all that is rightous and everthing must be be right according to your wise holy spirit. God bless 93:14August: Well Summer is here and I'm in the initial stage of my book. Were looking at Spring 2013 release. My big announcement revelation very soon. "Why do sad? Why am I in despair? I will put my hope in the lord, I will praise him again, my God and my savior. Psalm 42:5." God bless all. September 2012: "Also my rightounesss, O'God who is high. You, have done many great things O'God, who is like you. You, who have shown me severe troubles, you revive me. You bring up from the depths of th Earth, and increase greatness in me. And you comfort me on every side. " Paslm 71:1920. God bless America in this election year and may Mitt Romney be elected the next Presidnet of the United States as we near the final months of the general election. May I get my old job back and be successful again where I was dismounted from my war horse. Amen. My book is under development because of you. "As for the almighthy, we cannot find him; he is excellent in power, In judgement and abundant justice; he does not oppress." 37:23. Happy Hallween too, to many American. And may Mitt Romney win all 3 Presidential debates. God bless. It is a new month final and election time. I'm voting Mitt Romney for President becuase I love America and I want to retore my country that allows me to be free. With my eyes michael kors factory outlet I see the trust in the American dream and the prosperity of the America heritage culture. On November 6th, 2012 America is voting for PresidentElect Mitt Romney. We need to win or Socialism and Fascism will kill us. We won't make it. Happy Thanksgiving also to all your family, friends, and loved ones. "Make a joyful shout on to the lord, Serve the lord in gladness; come before his presence who singing. Know that the lord, he is God, It is he who has made us, and not we ourselves, we are his people and the sheep of the pasture." 100:13

December 2012: I want to wish the American people and many struggling Americans a joyful holiday season. I breaks my heart that people can not michael kors outlet online presue their dreams,achieve their goals, and go on with their lives. But we have each other, we are Americans. 2nd corinthians 5:17God bless your families and America. Morr. JANUARY 2013: I want to wish America and the world a happy and healthy new year. This month I will continue work on my manuscript to book and release this year. Many good times, joy, peace and love to your families. "What strength do I have, that should I hope? And what is my end, that I should prolong my life? Is my strenght the strength of stone or is my flesh bronze? Is my wealth not within me? Is my success driven from me?" 6:1113

February 2013: I want to wish everyone and many happy couples an emotional and contenful Happy Valentines Day. May the love of cupid's arrow shine the love shot through your heart. Happy St. Patrick's Day, passover, Good Friday and Easter during these days of green this month. May joy rejoice your spirit and despire the darkenss benete your feed. May light rein and prevade the kingdom before you. "Because you have been my help, therefore in the shadow of your wings I will rejoice. My soul follows close to you; your right hand beholds me." Psalm 63:78.

APRIL 2013: I wish everyone and all Americans a wonderful Spring. Buds bring forth the sweet honey dew of of mother natursing from her breasts to feed the youth of nature and the sun raise them with her tender present of her kindhearted light. Have a good April America, things are improving and michael kors factory my michael kors online outlet book THE BLUE SPHERE, first novel will debut in August for a nice Christmas present or preholiday gift purchase. God bless. Morr/Future star and returning actor. "O'lord you have granted me life and favor and perserved the care of my spirit." 10:12. "Therefore, I will speak to these great men. For they have known the greatness of the lord. The judgement of thir God, But altogether they have broken their yoke and their bonds have bursted." 5:6.
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