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Leather Messenger Bags For Women

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Leather Messenger Bags For Women 
By zishenluzhu on May 13, 2013 03:34 AM

Have you been looking for a stylish leather messenger bags for women? One that you can just sling over your shoulder? If so, these messenger bags may be just for you.

These bags got their names from their original use by messenger boys(and gals) who routinely carry mail or packages by bicycle or foot and needed a convenient way to carry a reasonable amount of cargo.

The same design that made these a good option for messenger boys (and gals) can also work for you if you carry a lot of small items and some of them can even hold a laptop. So do check out some of the trendiest and stylish leather messenger bags for women on the internet.

The Large Distressed Leather michael kors online outlet Laptop Messenger has three compartments, can fit up to a 16" laptop and provides enough padding to handle light bumps. Reviewers liked the adjustable leather strap, which can accommodate a tall person at the longer lengths.

One reviewer did say that smaller laptops up to 15 inches could fit in this bag. Complaints included the lack of a lock on the flap. There were some comments about this bag showing signs of wear and tear after several months of use in the reviews though one did excuse it as being inevitable for any bag that sees normal to heavy use.

The Large Distressed Leather Laptop Messenger has three compartments, can fit up to a 16" laptop and provides enough padding to handle light bumps. Reviewers liked the adjustable leather strap, which can accommodate a tall person at the longer lengths.

Some people were leery about the lack of a shoulder pad on the strap but one reviewer said he didn't notice a difference. There were some comments about inaccurate dimensions in the original Amazon listing though one did note that it has been revised since her purchase. A few reviewers did gripe about poor quality leather. Overall, this bag rates 4.5 out of 5 stars in Amazon reviews, making it one of the best rated bags on Amazon.

Quality of construction material: Leather is popular for people who want a durable but still stylish messenger bag. You do want to be careful because the cheaper leather bags are usually michael kors factory made with inferior leather that is damaged easily. When looking for bags, ask about the source of the leather and the methods used to treat it. Leather that has been tanned with a mineral or "chrome" solution is usually less expensive. When talking about chrome tanning, you'll probably hear leather experts talk about "pickling" it in a process that takes about a day. It's cheaper than vegetable tanned leather and is good at resisting heat damage. On the other hand, chrome tanning isn't very popular with environmentalists because of the harsh chemicals used and they might not last as long as vegetable tanned leather.

Vegetable tanned leather is seen as a more environmentally friendly leather because the chemicals used aren't as toxic. The solution is plantbased and usually gives leather a more natural look. The michael kors outlet online vegetable tanning process does take longer than chrome tanning and is most commonly used in expensive highend leather products. Vegetable tanning is one of the oldest known tanning methods and products that use vegetable tanned leather usually last longer.

Quality of manufacturing: Does the bag seem to be well made? If it looks like it could come apart at the seams in a matter of days, it probably will. While any bag is probably going to fall apart eventually if put to heavy use, you want one that routinely gets good ratings for durability. If reviewers routinely complain that their bag simply disintegrated, that's one to avoid.

Maintenance: What will it take to keep your bag clean and in good shape? Most knowledgeable sellers of leather products will recommend keeping them away from water if possible and drying them off as soon as possible if they do get wet. A quick onceover with mild soap and water and a thorough drying should suffice if it gets dirty. If there's a stain, one highend leather bag seller told me that a sprinkling of blackboard chalk works good for lifting it if you leave it for 24 hours! Any leather bag is going to last longer if you take care of it, so be sure to do some research on care needs before making your decision.

Price: How much do you want to pay for a bag? I've seen ladies look at four or five different bags and pass on the cheapest because there must be something wrong with it if it's so cheap. This isn't necessarily the case if it just doesn't have the same brand name as those highend designer bags. On the one hand, you do want the best quality bag you can afford. On the other, you should set a budget and try to keep it in mind when comparing bags.

The STORIA Italian Leather Messenger Bag is one of the few 5starrated leather bags on Amazon and you can choose between three colors. It features genuine Italian leather, a magnetized flap, and two fully lined, zippered compartments. Reviewers liked that the color of their bag matched what they saw in the pictures and the matte silver zippers that matched their bag well. One reviewer liked that there are two small pockets in the divider between the compartments. One fit his cell phone and the other is more obviously designed for business cards. There were some gripes about magnets that didn't work and sticky zippers. One reviewer didn't like that this bag only lasted two years before beginning to fall apart. (Two years? I've had bags fall apart on me after six months.) Overall, this is a good bag for carrying around essentials and can fit a 13" laptop.

The expandable Kenneth Cole Expandable Computer Compatible Messenger Bag measures 15.75" X 12" X 46". Reviewers that didn't want a tacky computer caselooking bag but also didn't want to spend a lot on a leather bag liked this one as a reasonable compromise. There were comments that a huge laptop with an oversized screen probably wouldn't fit but one reviewer liked that his 10" netbook fit fine with room to spare for paper notebooks and accessories and another could get his 15" MacBook Pro into it. There were gripes about michael kors canada the lack of a handle and one person did comment that you don't michael kors factory outlet want to overpack this bag though the ability to expand it is nice if you want to get just one more thing into it.
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