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Don't let the 'Cute Factor' Fool You

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Don't let the 'Cute Factor' Fool You 
By drwhj421 on May 11, 2013 03:53 AM
For me, as a fabric artist, my sewing machine can only be smarter than me if I can easily tell it what to do. The computerized dodad could have a million fancy features, but if I can use it easily, I might as well be working with a needle and thread.

For those of you who think that technological machines could never be easy to use, think again. The key to creating a userfriendly machine is to make the interface intuitive to humans. Somehow, Janome has managed to bring that intuitive interface to their machines. They create their machines not only for intuitive ease, but also for performance, quality and comfort. What amazes me is that louboutin outlet uk they deliver this incredible quality for a fantastic price. Janome sewing machines offer models for Embroidery, Quilting, and general sewing. What I also love about Janome is that they have not lost sight of the need for aesthetic edge in the body design of their sewing machines. From sleek and modern to colorful and humourous, Janome sewing machines truly do inspire creativity and innovation.

According to owner reviews, Janome Mini, HalfSize and ThreeQuarter Size models are as reliable as they are cute. Although noisy and a bit slow for the taste of advanced sewers, the Janome SewMini christian louboutin outlet uk could be a perfect fit for the young beginning sewer in your life. Priced somewhere around $60, this 5 pound machine is easy to use and portable. If perhaps you looking for something a little more sphisticated (but want to keep that cheeky vibe) you may enjoy one of the Hello Kitty louboutin uk models. Sizes of this adorable model go from 1/2 to 3/4 to full size; from basic mechanical to fully electronic. The fullsize electronic Hello Kitty machine is a serious (although userfriendly) sewing machine. Owners of the Hello Kitty models note how much they love them and how well they work. Don be fooled by the cute factor!

Still, if you aren into the cartoon characters but love a smaller doitall machine for casual sewing, try the Jem Platinum 760. This ThreeQuarter size machine has a handy handle and a hard cover. It lists many of the features of the fullsize machines, and has none of the noise or slow speed of the Mini. Another great basic for beginners and light to medium sewers.

Janome also offers a whole lot of sewing machine to those seeking advanced artistic gratification. If you do a combination of everything from garments to home decor to quilting, then consider the Horizon MC 12000 model from Janome. It has excellent lighting, 9mm stitch width, an advanced computer system, lots of embroidery accessories, and other features that make sewing to one individual taste easy and enjoyable. This is the ultimate machine for quilters and embroiderers who do not want to be ruled by the limits of their machine. The interface on this model is such that freedom for improvisation is provided. A quality sought after by those who experiment with fabrics, stitches, and personal designs in clothing, home decor, and quilts.

One of the most unique things about Janome christian louboutin uk is their versatility and attention to the individual needs of the artist. My favorite specialty machine is the Janome 712T Treadle, a modern sewing machine that fits into a treadle box. It runs completely on human foot power! Although it was originally created for their Amish customers, those involved in Green movements have this resource to turn to, without having to resort to rundown, antique models or sewing by hand.

Janome sewing machines are created with the fiber artist in mind. They are visually beautiful, easy to use and durable. In my opinion, Janome has made every effort to come through on the promises it has made to its owners. Janome is definitely worth a try.

I love to write articles about just about everything having to do with fiber art. You can view my latest website Compare Sewing Machines , where I provide unbiased buying advice and a close look at the top brands cheap christian louboutin uk including Pfaff sewing machines , Brother sewing machines, Riccar sewing machines, and much more.

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