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Metin2 yang and Boss Monsters Strategies

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Metin2 yang and Boss Monsters Strategies 
By asdfeer1 on Apr 17, 2013 07:11 AM

Killing bosses then selling the boxes is a superb notion to produce cash in mentin2, it is definitely that the boss monsters are not simple to kill, you should get buy cheap metin2 yang in addition to a effective character to produce sure you happen to be in a position to kill them. A sura or a warrior can also be a good choice. Their gear should really to be good also so you can remove the damage the bosses released. Meanwhile, obtaining goods with an opportunity to poison is terrific and is need to if you are tying to catch the large one for example Tiger Ghost or Nine Tails.

In case you are at decrease level which include involving level 20 to level 30, the decent bosses to catch are Bestial Specialists and Bestial Archers. Players can find metin2 yang from us. It is possible to not get boxes from them while they drop level 30 weapons, particularly the FMS, it's a pretty fantastic item to sell although it has low damage percent and 0.

It can be highly advised to combine a number of those strategies above to make complete use of them; you might be able to farm a White Gold Vein after you attempt to attain o a level spot. You'll be able to buy metin2 yang and also search for mines and Metins after you farm across Map2. Perhaps acquire a smaller fishing completed in Map1 once you stroll out with buddies, matching and mixing would help you a variety of variety and it really is unnecessary for you to be sick of 1 thing.


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