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Ping G15 Driver Is Magic Dust To You

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Ping G15 Driver Is Magic Dust To You 
By shannelo789 on Apr 09, 2013 11:18 AM

After playing a few more rounds with my G15 driver, I have decided to repost the review to reiterate how good of a club it is!

Since the ping g15 driver was super forgiving and easy to hit, I was really expecting much in terms of playability. When trying to hit certain cuts and draws, I was able to do so with ease, But in some cases, I think the larger head took control of my swing.

The sound and feel was a somewhat soft empty sensation, not as hollow or empty as say the new Nike Dymo yet not as solid as the Taylormade R9. It would fit in right between the two of them in Tatsuro's opinion. This was the low point for the club especially the best g15 driver.

Several of my friends play the g15 driver and they all love it. Iíve seen them hitting more fairways than they used to and maybe gaining a modicum of distance too. Although, the distance is most likely a result of their increased confidence rather than some magic dust poured over the clubface. Mind you, in golf confidence is magic dust and we could all use an extra burst from that particular spray gun.

I thought the trademark PING half-moon alignment aid would be distracting but it actually isn't too bad. The head shape is really nice, almost like the I20 of this year. The face is pretty deep for a "GI" driver, but with the tour head and 7.5* the face had to be deep. The color of the head is nice, and the cheap g15 driver graphics are very nice.

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Ping G15 Driver Is Magic Dust To You 
By rehannaz on Sep 02, 2013 10:51 AM
It must be the magic dust that the pros sprinkle on trial clubs starting to wear off . Probably coming to all you good people from the laptop on the sofa .

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Re: Ping G15 Driver Is Magic Dust To You 
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