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TaylorMade R1 Driver With the right loft!

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TaylorMade R1 Driver With the right loft! 
By golfonlineau on Apr 07, 2013 02:11 AM
According to statistics, 80% of golfers use drivers with the wrong loft! Thinking that with a lower loft and a more penetrating trajectory they will get further, when what actually happens is that they lose distance.

One of the imperatives of the R1 TaylorMade is to offer a wide range of loft settings, with which the average golfer can find out how a more open loft, combined with conditions of high launch and low spin, can produce more carry and more distance. TaylorMade R1 Driver's wide range of lofts and face angles, along with its movable shot-shape weights, allow this driver to be tuned to fit the widest range of players, from Tour pros to high handicaps.

The R1 wasn't designed simply as a marketing ploy or to 'pack a punch.' Rather, the decal is another tool in the golfer's toolbox in the form of an alignment indicator. A similar design can also be found on the TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Driver. The crown graphics aren't the only tweaks to Taylor Made's newest driver model.

It offers 12 positions to help golfers find the loft that delivers the launch conditions that deliver maximum distance. An improvement based on the massively-successful TaylorMade R11s Driver, the ability to be adjusted for loft and is somewhere adjusted to between 8 and 12 degrees Usually elevated loft closes the face angle and decreasing loft opens it.

With the key you can modify your loft with up to 12 configurations, turning the tip of the shaft by inserting the head, and 7 positions of the face angle, which together with the shot-shaping movable weights allow up to 168 different ways to tune the R1 to specifically fit the player’s swing, and thus optimize distance and accuracy. The australia golf clubs shape of the preserved white space behind the leading edge provides a frame to position the ball against, helping to heighten focus.
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